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jim cramer quotes

Jim Cramer is a famous entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and television host of Mad Money! While some may view Jim Cramer as a talking head in the finance world, his net worth of $100 million (a large amount he earned as a hedge fund manager) is proof of his success, despite the growing "Reverse Cramer Index" followers. Here are some of my favorite motivational quotes from TV personality and venture capitalist Jim Cramer: 

8 Best Jim Cramer Quotes

1)  "Investing is the most objective industry in the world. If your numbers stink, you're out. If your numbers are good, you get more money. It's the most Darwinian, it's beautiful, it's brutal, it works."

2)  "We are all wrong so often that it amazes me that we can have any conviction at all over the direction of things to come. But we must."

3)  "As long as you enjoy investing, you'll be willing to do the homework and stay in the game. That's why I try to make the show so entertaining, because if you aren't interested, you'll either miss the opportunity to make money in the market or not pay enough attention and end up losing your shirt."

4)  "A good investor in this new world knows to always expect the unexpected."

5)  "My advantage is that I'm very good at interpreting the information that is available to all of us because of technological advancements."

6)  "The people who are buying stocks because they're going up and they don't know what they do deserve to lose money."

7)  "There are tons of people who are late to trends by nature and adopt a trend after it's no longer in fashion. They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles."

8)  "The party line is that stocks historically have outperformed all other investment plans."

9)  "I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be rich in this country and I want to help them get there."

10)  "I wish it grew on trees, but it takes hard work to make money."

Thanks for the motivational business quotes Jim Cramer! Keep quoting! Now go out there and make some mad money!

jim cramer quote

I hope you enjoyed these motivational quotes from investor Jim Cramer of Mad Money and The Street.

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