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Credit is crucial to securing funding and accessing a wide range of opportunities, regardless of whether the topic at hand is personal credit or business credit. Expanding your financial literacy to better understand both types of credit can be tremendously beneficial as you move forward. 

But where do you begin? How can you expand your current knowledge base as a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to build up their credit? Digital Honey is an excellent resource to get started with if you want to learn how credit works and how to improve yours. 

Here is what you need to know about Digital Honey if you plan to embark on your credit-building journey. 

What Is Digital Honey? 

Digital Honey is an online financial publication that teaches people how to build credit. It covers both personal and business credit. 

Founded by self-proclaimed “money-nerd” and Certified Lending and Credit Specialist, Garit Boothe, Digital Honey aims to make it easier to focus on fixing or building your credit regardless of where you are in life or in business. 

Its extensive educational resources take a closer look at a wide range of credit-related and personal finance topics, including the structure of credit scores, financial planning and budgeting, and tools and strategies you can use to raise your credit score quickly. 

Planning on launching your business or currently looking to tap into business credit to expand your funding sources? You’re not alone. 

Digital Honey offers greater insights surrounding business credit, like the importance of NAICS codes, how to build business credit without involving personal credit (where possible), and the various credit tools that businesses can utilize. 

No matter what you are looking to learn more about concerning credit, their extensive database of educational materials is sure to offer you the foundational support you need moving forward. 

With that in mind, Digital Honey content is divided into two categories: blogs and product reviews. We will focus on the latter below. 

Trustworthy Product Reviews 

Knowing how to build personal or business credit is an excellent first step toward making the necessary changes to see your score rise. 

However, it is equally important to know more about the various credit-building tools that you’ll need to use in order to leverage 

Digital Honey’s actionable content base. Digital Honey’s trustworthy product reviews encompass personal credit product reviews and business credit product reviews. 

Some of the personal credit product reviews that interest those looking to build their personal credit scores include: 

• Building Credit: These reviews take a closer look at credit builder loans, rent reporting services, credit builder programs, and more. 

• Monitoring Credit: Discover the best credit score tracking apps to help you keep tabs on your credit as you work on it. 

• Credit Cards: Learn more about the best secured credit cards and second-chance credit cards. 

• Banks: Find banks that will help you manage your wealth without credit checks. 

Personal credit can play a role in your entrepreneurial endeavors, but some may wish to dive into business credit and bypass the need for utilizing personal credit altogether. In this case, you will be interested in Digital Honey’s in-depth product reviews covering: 

• Business credit builder accounts 
• Business tradelines 
• Net 30 accounts 
• Secured business credit cards 
• And more… 

Having good credit as a business owner gives you access to the funding you need to scale with greater ease. 

If personal credit or business credit is on your mind, Digital Honey is a trustworthy resource you can use to broaden your credit knowledge and find the best tools to help you improve your credit scores with confidence.

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