How To Maneuver Money Minefields In Business

When trying to find your way in the business world, finding smart ways to make your money work for you is one of the best things you can do. Starting out isn’t cheap. Worse, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see any return whatsoever on your investment. Even with the best ROI methods behind you, it’s hard to judge the market, and people might not bite. And, if they don’t, there’s not a thing you can do. 

To give you some idea of the costs involved, consider that you’ll need to take care of: 

- Your product 
- Your platform 
- Your marketing method 
- Your business space 
- Your time 

And, that’s by no means an exhaustive list. It’ll be even longer, depending on the enterprise. In some instances, you’ll also need to think about machinery hire, running costs, product testing, and so on. 

When you consider the above, it’s no surprise that many people with good ideas fail to get going. The business world is a money minefield, and one wrong step could see your dream up in flames. Picture Credit 

But, you should never let fear stop you from trying. Knowing the risks and costs involved is half the battle. Then, all you need to do is find the best route which avoids the obstacles. To set you on the right footing, we’re going to look at some common mistakes which lead to money troubles in start-ups. 

Getting Into Debt 

Getting into debt is by far the worst thing many entrepreneurs do when starting out. It’s a catch 22 situation because often, business loans are the only way to get started. But, going into an enterprise with debt hanging over you is no good. Remember, you don’t know how things will go. Your business might not earn enough to cover the repayment costs. Then, not only will you lose your business, but you’ll be in dire financial straits.

So, does that mean you shouldn’t consider a business loan at all? Not necessarily. As we said above, this method is the only option for many. Instead of bypassing the issue altogether, it may simply be a case of looking around for the best loan out there. For one, only borrow an amount you know you could pay back. Keeping things small is essential for avoiding debt down the line. 

It’s also important to get a loan with a set repayment scheme, and a reasonable interest rate. Installment loans are currently the best option for this, but bear in mind that the CFPB look set to put a stop to bad credit installment loans. So, this option may not be around for long. The good news is, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Do your research to find out which would be the wisest choice for your business. An option with full transparency is best. It’s the mines you can’t see which have a tendency to blow! 

Overestimating Profits 

While not quite as fatal as debt, overestimating your profits is a mistake in itself. When starting out, the real issue is that all you can do is estimate. It’s hard to judge how much product to make, or how much return to expect. Yet, you have to try so you can kickstart your return. It’s an impossible situation. 

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it right. By studying the market, and starting small, you should be able to gain a decent idea of profits. Analyse as much data about your business as you can. This will start showing you how your customers shop, and how things are likely to go in your first months. Play it safe and assume that you’ll be running at a loss for a good few months. That way, you won’t fall into to the trap of rushing out and spending money you don’t have. 

Thinking Too Big 

Talking of spending money you don’t have; thinking too big when you’re starting out is another risk area. If you jump straight in with high production costs and a large team, there’s no way you’ll see a return on your investment. More likely, you’ll be out of pocket and out of work within months. 

Keeping things small in the early stages in the only way forward. Remember the minefield analogy? What do you think would happen if you sprinted through an unknown minefield? Not good things! And, that’s just what’ll happen to your business if you attempt to run straight away. There’s nothing wrong with forward thinking, but keep it in your future. Once you’ve gained a decent idea of consumer interest and profit, you can consider expansion. Not before! 

Failing To Develop A Proper Plan 

In the early stages, business is all about planning. You’ll need to plan your business strategy, your marketing methods, and your timeframe. Failure to get planning in the right way is sure to lead to trouble, especially when it comes to money.

For the most part, you need to know when you can expect to see a decent return on investment. Then, you can set out precise calculations of how much you need to earn each month. That way, you can alter methods if you don’t meet your targets. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises because you’ll keep a close eye on your earnings throughout. 

If you have no time frame in place, this will be much harder to manage. You won’t notice if you aren’t doing as well as hoped, and so will be on a slippery slope. Before you know it, you’ll be operating at a loss and failing to make a go of things. 


For the most part, keeping your business in one piece isn’t rocket science. Taking things carefully is essential in every aspect to ensure success. If you ever feel as though things are slipping out of control, return to the minefield analogy. You need to pick your way through the business world on careful footing, one step at a time. If you operate in that manner, success should come your way in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to maneuver the money minefield that is the modern business world.

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