Top Energy Plans In Queensland

top energy plans in queensland electricity options

The average electricity bill in QLD is between $140 and $160 a month for homes and businesses. The rates may vary based on your electrical usage requirements and the energy plans you choose. 

You must compare energy plans QLD before you finalise one for your home and business. Factors like the single tariff rate, government reference price and the general market rate are vital points to consider. 

Study energy plans offered by top energy brands like Red Energy, AGL and Origin in QLD and analyse the benefits of each of the plans. Residential electricity plans and business electricity plans may have variations. The discounts and benefits offered to business customers and residential customers may vary. 

6 Top Energy Plans To Choose From

ReAmped Energy – Advance Plan 

The rates that form part of this plan are 25% lower than the government reference price and include no credit card payment fees. The company offers terms and conditions that may change in future. 

You can either opt for advance payment schemes or fixed fortnightly payments. This energy plan is excellent for people with solar power systems since it also includes solar feed-in tariffs. Additionally, green energy options are available as part of the ReAmped energy-advance plan. 

Origin Everyday Rewards 

This plan is based on a fixed contract. The energy rates are fixed for up to one year. However, you don’t have to worry about lock-in contracts or exit fees since the company charges none. 

The discounts offered by the company are also available for 12 months. However, the most notable feature about the plan is that you receive around 5000 everyday rewards points on signing up for it and for every $ 1 you pay as the bill. 

AGL - Essential Plus 

The AGL essential plus comes with a flexible market contract and a one year benefit period. Since there are no exit fees involved, you can switch plans whenever you want. This plan is highly affordable, and you have the option to receive Flybuys points on every $2 you spend on gas and electricity using this plan. 

Elysian Energy – Super Simple Plan 

This plan offers four different options you can choose from based on the size of your household. The minimalist plan is ideal for small families, and individuals and the full house plan is the best for larger families. Customers should make monthly or fortnightly instalment payments for the plan. 

Mojo Power - All Day Breakfast Plan 

You can use your electricity whenever you want with the Mojo Power All Day Breakfast Plan. The plan is highly flexible and involves no exit fees or fixed contract term. However, you will need a smart meter to use this energy plan. 

Energy Australia - Total Plan 

This is an excellent residential electricity plan for people who want to minimise their electricity bills. Besides a sign-up credit of $50 on signing up for the plan, you are also eligible for other rewards and benefits. 

You can also choose 100% carbon neutral alternative options with no additional fees. This electricity plan is also flexible and involves no exit fees. 

Energy Evaluation

It is critical to compare energy plans in QLD to determine how good or bad your current energy plan is. If you find your plan to be on par with what most suppliers offer, you may not need to switch. 

However, if you find that you’re paying more for energy as a result of your plan, you may want to consider picking up your phone and negotiating a better, more fair deal with your current supplier. It doesn't hurt to ask for a lower price on your energy bill!

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