4 Types Of Management Software Tools

types of management software tools saas solutions

A single project represents many tasks, sometimes to hundreds depending on the project’s size. Managing all the tasks to completion will require that your coordinate your schedules and resources carefully. Project management software provides the tools that you need to navigate through the complexities and coordination successfully. The options available include internet-based applications, a server, and a computer

The requirements of the project will determine the software option you choose. But also you have to consider the number of projects, the managers and other employees who would benefit from the application. 

The Software Capabilities 

A project manager would want software that provides at the minimum Gantt chart capabilities. These contain details like tasks, milestones, and resources. With a calendar view, you are able to provide a quick view of the task’s duration in terms of hours, days, and months and the completion percentage. The project manager will see if the resources are overburdened or other existing issues to represent a successful project completion.

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Here are some additional considerations when choosing the right management software programs and tools.

Top 4 Types Of Management Software Tools

1. Desktop Software 

A project manager can have successful software like Microsoft Project installed on their computer. Upon the purchase of the software, a license is obtained to cover every employee. The approach is appropriate when coordinating a large number of people in a single project. The project schedule is posted on a management server for every team member’s view. That will depend on the nature of the project and the coworkers who need to view project plans. That way, a single PM can administer the project schedule, and the document management system provides members with a view of tasks, assignments, and due dates. 

2. Open-Source Software 

This provides project managers on tight budgets with free solutions. Developers create it worldwide, and managers can visit open source websites and download the software directly. While it is free for PMP use, any company that considers this should evaluate and consider the nature of the project and verify that it meets workplace security requirements. If the software is used for an extended period, you need to investigate the security patches that support information technology compliance. 

3. Software As A Service (SaaS) 

Software as a Service is an option for downloading project management software for various cases, and it is used on a subscription basis. Microsoft offers such an option within its Microsoft Project software. It is also accessed from the company’s software network. With this PM’s software, you can pay on a fixed monthly subscription, and you don’t need a contract. SaaS solutions are smart for saving money and allowing use on multiple devices.

4. Server-Based Solutions 

These solutions provide for another alternative to direct desktop software. The server-based solutions reside in the computer room at your workplace and are managed by the information technology department. Where multiple unrelated projects exist, the approach allows the project managers to administer schedules of projects, resource assignments, and timelines without having to administer the software. When the software is installed centrally, the server hosting the software meets the requisite security requirements. 


Without project management software, you are missing out on the opportunity to make your work easier as the project manager. Get a reputable vendor like HGI Software to help you install the most appropriate software, which will improve the efficiency of the project. The software you choose will ensure tasks are well-coordinated and minimize risks. These software programs and SaaS solutions increase business productivity significantly.

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