3 Best Blockchain Games To Play To Earn Crypto

best blockchain games play earn crypto

Blockchain games, aka ‘NFT games’ or ‘crypto games’, are blockchain-based online games that allow players to buy, stake, hold, and trade NFTs as in-game characters and other digital assets. 

These cutting edge games have special crypto tokens which support their particular game economy. Not all blockchain games require players to invest money upfront. Some of the best blockchain games are also free to play for gamers, or at least free to start. 

However, if you invest in a game with good tokenomics, it is always worth it. Tokenomics is a word coined for the economics of crypto tokens in blockchain games. 

A legit game will have a limited amount of token supply and high rewards for staking or holding. So keep it in mind while picking from this list of the best blockchain games to help you earn virtual coins or digital tokens. 

3 Best Blockchain Games To Play 

The following are the best blockchain games you can play in 2023 to earn free crypto. They are especially popular with Millennial and Gen Z gamers looking for entertainment and earnings. We have included both paid as well as free games so you have a great selection of the top blockchain video games to choose from. 

1. Wizardia 

wizardia blockchain metaverse game

Wizardia is one of the best blockchain games you can play to earn crypto in 2023. The gameplay in this soon-to-be-released project is quite simple, where the players have to buy Wizard NFT to participate in PvP and PvE battles which are hosted in a magical metaverse. 

To create and manage its NFT, Wizardia has some great partners onboard including TrustSwap, which is a cryptocurrency protocol, and a distributed platform to facilitate decentralized finance (DeFi). 

What ranks Wizardia in the top place in our list of best blockchain games is the fact that it has a limited number of NFTs. Currently, the game offers a total of 28,000 Arena Genesis NFTs, which are being distributed over 7 rounds. 

In addition to having an ideal number of NFTs, Wizardia also offers considerable staking rewards. Their website claims that their early investors have earned 76.80% APR in staking rewards. 

Indeed, not all of the game can be played for free. You have to buy the native NFTs to experience the full range of gamemodes. But it’s worth investing in considering the rewards it offers. 

Wizardia’s Battle Arena closed alpha version is soon to be released in Q2 2022. It will only be available for its early investors. Before that, the team is releasing a pre-launch Tournament gamemode, exclusively for Wizard NFT holders. So if you want to participate, sign-up for Tournaments now. 

2. Plant Vs. Undead  

plant undead blockchain video game

Plant vs. Undead is a combination of farm simulation and tower defense game using Web 3.0. The game is about a meteorite-hit planet where animals are transformed into undead and are trying to kill mother trees. 

The game’s economy is based on its native token called PVU which is stored on Binance. Moreover, the in-game currency for Plant vs. Undead is named LE (Light Energy). LEs can be exchanged for PVUs. 

Plant vs. Undead is a free game which means the players don’t have to buy NFTs to get started. In fact, every player gets a default set of digital assets on sign-up, and they earn LEs as they advance in the gameplay. It is becoming a wildly popular NFT game that you should try out today.

3. Alien Worlds 

alien worlds nft game

Alien Words is one of the best blockchain games in terms of gameplay. Players in the game are required to explore the galaxy, and mine planets to find resources (NFTs), collect in-game currency (TLM, aka Trilium), and complete quests. 

Players can stake the Trilium they own to become eligible to vote in the upcoming Planetary elections. Staking also helps players to improve their planet’s reward pool. 

Moreover, the players can participate in weekly council elections or submit a new distribution system for the planetary treasury. They can even run for planetary council. 

The blockchain game is paid, and new players need to invest in the game’s NFTs to begin. The NFT assets for this game include minions, avatars, land, weapons, missions, etc. 

The Best Blockchain Game In 2023 

Among all the crypto games we have discussed in this blog, Wizardia is easily the best blockchain game in 2023. 

And the hype doesn’t seem to be artificial. This Web3 game has the potential to help its investors earn real money. 

The best time to invest in these top blockchain video games is now! It could pay off big time in the near future as Web 3.0 and blockchain rapidly expands.

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