How To Keep Your Charity On The Cutting Edge

Keeping Your Charity On The Cutting Edge non-profit management npo

As a nonprofit, your aims are probably focused on making as much money as possible, while spending as little as you can. Of course, most businesses operate in this way but don’t have the same pressure a charity or nonprofit will have. The odds are that most of the money you make is through donations. The people donating the money probably wouldn’t be happy if it were spent on things which don’t impact the people they’re trying to help. 

Along with this, though, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do your work effectively without the funds to keep your nonprofit or charitable organization on the cutting edge. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the tech options you have to make this process easier, without spending all of the funds you’ve raised.


Software is responsible for a lot of the work most companies will carry out, in modern business. Without this sort of resource, it can be impossible to get work done. Unfortunately, though, most software doesn’t come cheap. Office suites, for example, can cost a small fortune. But, as a nonprofit, you have some ways to save on this. Microsoft’s Office 365 services will cover most of the software needs a nonprofit will have. As part of their commitment to charity, this suite is offered at a hugely reduced price if you can prove that you’re a nonprofit. 

Of course, not all software is expensive, with a lot of options being completely free. But, even if something exists, you won’t be able to use it unless you know about it. Options like tax exemption and fundraising software can be found from a wide range of vendors. 

A lot of nonprofits don’t use them, though, simply because they don’t know that they exist. To find software like this, a large digital community like Reddit or LinusTechTips could be perfect. It’s just a matter of asking for some help. 


Hardware can be a little harder than software. Unlike programs, a physical computer costs the same to manufacturer whether it’s for a consumer, business, or nonprofit, making it a challenge for companies to reduce their prices. Thankfully, though, a lot of computing companies still make huge efforts to make their products cheaper for nonprofits. If you manage to find a donation for half of the computers you need, companies, like Dell, will match the donation you receive. Along with this, some will even offer discounts for nonprofits if you buy enough of their goods. 

There are loads of other ways to get your computing hardware cheaper if you’re willing to do some work. On websites like eBay, you can often find great deals on bundles of semi-broken computers. By buying a group of ten computers, you might be able to get two of three of them working with the parts from others. Doing this for all of your computers would make the whole job a lot cheaper. 

Charity Company Conclusion

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the technology used by your nonprofit organization. Being on the cutting edge of tech comes with both downsides and upsides. But, most of all, this sort of effort will prepare you for the future, even if things change in the world or your business.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to keep your charity, NPO or non-profit on the cutting edge of technology.

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