How The Rich Got Richer Recently

how rich only got richer income inequalities

You know what they say: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is a confusing time in the global economy to put it lightly. There are countless issues and questions marks when it comes to wealth and economics. The most interesting question is why Africa needs so many food resources. When there are so many technologies that you can build a plant in Africa among the desert and grow fresh vegetables as Singapore does. Or what might happen when Covid-19 will be gone? And will it be gone for good or will it be replaced by another virus pandemic? Many simple questions have simple answers. Unfortunately, profit dictates life terms. If you are tired from recent news and would love to chill and forget about daily routine problems, check the Casino Chan for some relief. 

But if you want to delve into the socioeconomic issues of today, read on to learn more about how the rich are only getting richer around the world. 

Income Inequalities In The U.S.

One of the interesting articles on income inequality in the United States writes that the recent surge in income inequality in the United States is well documented. Everybody knows much less about which groups have won and which have lost, and how this may change over time. Is the bulk of the increase in income going to the extremely small elite with the highest wages? Or is it the larger upper middle class getting richer? Who are the main winners - capitalists or wage workers? The answer to this question is obvious to anyone who has ever worked a regular job or had to budget for basics. The wealthy win out.

Crisis Conditions 

The crisis did not prevent the rich from getting richer. The explanation for the current stratification in income is obvious. After the crisis, the fastest growing stock prices are corporate income. In using them the rich participate through dividends, and the price of houses. Now, for example, the Dow Jones index is at its historical peak. Less wealthy people, both white-collar and blue-collar, are in the opposite situation. After the crisis, unemployment is high, and entrepreneurs may not raise wages indefinitely. 

Since there will always be someone to replace retired employees. Taxes that are formally imposed on businesses ultimately become a burden on the population. The shares of income paid in the form of taxes, for the bottom 50% of Americans with income below the median is higher than for the richest 400 people. The Trumps, Bezos, Musks, Gates, and Buffett's of this world usually pay taxes at a lower rate than lowly teachers and secretaries. 

European Union Increasing Inequality

At the same time, one should not think that things are any different in Europe. Things are in such a way that Europe has increasingly become sound demanding to impose a small (1-3%) additional tax on fortunes exceeding one million euros. According to economists, such a measure would solve many problems and ensure the development of the economy in the crisis era of the post-pandemic. However, even such extremely moderate demands are met with fierce resistance. 

From this, we can conclude that the transition to a green economy will not change anything for the top 1%, while the proles will sit in their cells. For this reason, those who are currently working, calculating immobility formulas, business jets will continue to fly and the top 1% will continue consumption. No one should have any illusions. Their children will continue their full-time education in elite schools and boarding schools. There is no major Covid threat there and never has been. Why? Because for them the main thing is connections and the art of managing other people, and this cannot be learned online. An educational gap based on wealth continues to widen the financial disparity around the world.

New Technologies 

Most of the recent technologies do not bring any profit to the country. Most of them are making the company richer. Even the talks about green energy bring more cost rather than profit and it is getting harder to imagine how some countries are planning to earn using such an agenda. 

But a true breakthrough exacerbated one is again changing the entire world frequency in the current situation. Only artificial intelligence is assumed. Its appearance causes a revolution with computerization, and this will also happen due to a decrease in costs in a huge number of areas of suspicious activity.

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