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Retail has always been a major staple of the US and global economy, but it is being severely disrupted by ecommerce behemoths like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace (along with mobile apps like Letgo and Offerup). Retail has also been rocked by health crisis shutdowns aside from grocery stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, and some essential big box retailers. Some retail stores and product lines are being upgraded while others are transitioning to online only by investors. 

But all retailers, restaurants, and even e-commerce giants are being hit hard by supply chain disruptions, worker shortages, and inflation. It is a challenging time to be in retail or a related business right now, although some select retailers are raking in record profits. Most retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond or Party City are dealing with bankruptcy, while others struggle with changing consumer preferences and inventory issues. 

Retail has been going real slow lately, but it can still rake in the big bucks. This is especially true during the holidays, Black Friday promotions, in tourist spots, or during noteworthy events. Some retailers and ecommerce stores make the majority of their sales between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day so certain time periods are especially crucial. Poor sales during these key months can spell disaster for both publicly traded and private retailers. Unfortunately the latest 2024 data is in from the past holiday season and retail sales were weak at the end of last year, raising further alarm from retailers and some ecom shops as well. Will retailers get over this huge hump or is this the beginning of the end for many stores?

Customers want selection, speed, simplicity, convenience, low prices, and an exceptional customer experience when it comes to their retail purchases. If you don't offer those benefits, customers will abandon your company and your business will go bankrupt like former industry leaders Sears, Toys R Us, Pier 1 Imports, Bed Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, and Radio Shack. Your store will be emptier than your average mall, remember those? Or your retail business will be acquired for pennies on the dollar by an investment firm or become a meme stock like GameStop that causes chaos but has little real value or future years from now. Some retailers will be resurrected and rejuvenated with help from nostalgic value, while others disappear forever.

People shop on their phones and computers now instead of malls and strip malls. Overall forecasts suggest that only the best convenience stores, dollar stores, discount chains, and pharmacies have a bright future these days... with the majority of retailers facing enormous difficulties. Just check the news on any given day and you will find that a new national retail chain is closing stores, laying off workers, or declaring bankruptcy. It is a sad but true fact for brick and mortar stores in this age of disruption. On any given day a retailer can get ripped to shreds with one mistake or a single bad earnings report. Retail must be revamped or it will RIP or rest in pieces.

There are always exceptions to the rule, however, and I want your retail company to be one of them! Only the best retail businesses and brands will survive retail-geddon. Retailing ain't easy in today's market. We discuss retail, ecommerce, or other brick and mortar businesses from conception to marketing and franchising levels. Enjoy these great retail, dropshipping, fulfillment, retail tech, M-Commerce and eCommerce blog articles and resources to help maximize your chances of selling success. We even give you great guides on how to purchase the best retail and e-commerce products and courses for the most frugal prices!

Retail Marketing & E-Commerce Articles

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Ecommerce & Retail Products Guides And Product Reviews

Need help deciding which retail products to purchase or ecommerce items order online? Need some trusted and unbiased product reviews that you won't find on Amazon or Ebay? Read our growing guides below on retailer product reviews or e-commerce item ratings. We research and rate retail products for you along with top tips for getting the best deals. Product prices have increased so much with inflation that you don't want to get the wrong goods. Bootstrap Business also offers helpful hacks to get the most out of products you are buying or already own. Here are some really good retail reviews and important insights:

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Wisdom From Great Retail Marketing Minds

Who are the movers and shakers of the retail world? Which brilliant minds have scaled retail operations or converted the retail business into ecommerce? Below we include some of the top retail and ecommerce influencers of all time. By reading some of their advice and motivational decrees, perhaps we can improve our own retailing, wholesaling, and e-commerce operations.

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Thanks for all of the great retail and ecommerce quotes! With this kind of inspiration, you can keep building up brick and mortar better than ever and rescue retailers! Keep quoting!

Ramp Up Your Retail Today!

The world of retail and ecommerce are constantly changing. Retailers and ecommerce stores that are here today could be gone tomorrow. More retail and ecommerce articles from myself and dozens of industry experts will be added soon, so check back often and check out our new business news section!

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