4 Advantages Of Using Cannabis Edibles

advantages of using cannabis edibles

There are so many reasons to try cannabis edibles that it is hard to pick the best ones. Whether you aren’t a fan of smoking or just want to enjoy a small treat with a little high at the end, edibles might be the thing for you. 

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If you have been thinking about trying edibles here are four advantages of using cannabis edibles instead of smoking or vaping the THC. 

4 Advantages Of Taking Cannabis Edibles

1. Edibles Aid Medical Conditions 

While everyone knows that smoking cannabis and taking edibles is intoxicating, some edibles may also aid certain medical conditions. 

Many people suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, and even more severe illnesses like cancer. Studies have shown that cannabis may have healing effects for those suffering from medical conditions. 

If you suffer from a medical condition and cannot smoke marijuana, you can use edibles for the same medicinal properties. 

Taking edibles can help with: 

● Reducing pain and muscle spasms 
● Relieve nausea and vomiting 
● Help people who have trouble sleeping due to their medical condition 

Using edibles for medicinal properties is a great reason to try them. Depending on your condition you might try different types of edibles to find a form that works best for you and your health concerns. 

2. Variety 

There is an incredibly wide variety of edibles out there that people can try. So if you try one type of edible that you don’t end up liking, you can try a different one. The finest edibles canada can create will be delicious and potent.

Types Of Edibles 

There are so many different edibles to try, and you can learn more about them from your favorite vendors. Some of the most popular ones include gummies like gummy bears or fruits. They also come in any flavor you could think of so you can find something you know you will enjoy. 

Chocolate Bars 

Another popular type of edible is chocolate bars. The dosage on chocolate bars is easy to control. Chocolate bars usually come with multiple pieces you can break off. 

This makes it easy to choose what dose you want to take. So no matter how little or how much you take you can control exactly how much cannabis you are ingesting with a chocolate bar. Also keep in mind that chocolate bars do contain at least a small amount of caffeine, so they might not be ideal right before bed if you are using these edible desserts for sleep. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants though!


There are also edibles that you can drink. Many companies are coming out with THC and CBD-infused seltzers. The different flavors cover up the taste of cannabis very well and make it feel like you’re just enjoying a refreshing seltzer. 

If seltzer isn’t the drink for you, there are also cannabis-infused teas that you can enjoy. There are plenty on the market to buy and bring home. You can also make tea with the extra stems from your buds after you’ve smoked the rest. This is a great way to get the most out of your stash before your next resupply and make an edible in the process. 

Different Effects 

Another great part of edibles is that you can find different strains and types of edibles. 

If you aren’t a fan of getting high off of THC, you can try CBD edibles instead for a more calming effect. 

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3. Calming Properties 

One advantage of taking edibles is that they have calming properties. Anything that has THC and CBD can help anxiety, but edibles especially make it even easier to experience the calming effects. You also don’t have to have the extra worry about the smell of weed permeating through your house when you take edibles. 

Even though you can make your own edibles, you can have an even greater sense of calm when you buy premade edibles. This way you know exactly how much you are taking and how long the effects may last. 

For people who are already anxious, knowing exactly how much you are putting into your body can help put you at ease while you enjoy your high. 

4. Customization 

One great advantage of edibles is that you can make your own. You can either bake treats and desserts with cannabutter, flour, and sugar or even add those ingredients into normal dinner foods. Making edibles is completely customizable to your tastes. Veriheal breaks down how to decarb edibles at a low temperature and best practices to make the perfect edible. 

So if you want to enjoy a high while also eating a great meal, edibles are the perfect way to do that. The advantage of making your own edibles is you know exactly how much you are putting into your food to ingest. You also don’t have to deal with smoke, pipes, or papers. It is just food after all! 

Cannabis Conclusion 

No matter how you ingest cannabis, there are great edible products out there for everyone to try. Whether you like having a sweet treat to wind down at the end of the day or like to sip on a calming cup of tea with CBD, there is an edible that you can enjoy.

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