Anatomy Of The Perfect Unboxing Experience Infographic Guide

Consumers today are now shopping primarily online, meaning that there are fewer opportunities for brands to interact with their customers. This shift has increased the pressure for companies to “wow” buyers at every touchpoint of the customer journey. One of the most important, but often undervalued, points of the customer experience is the moment when someone receives and opens their package. The best companies understand the importance of this moment to overall customer satisfaction and make sure to provide exceptional order fulfillment services, down to the design of the packaging they send out. 

Small changes to the overall experience of receiving a package can have a profound impact on the way your customers view your brand and can help you stand out from the competition in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Examples of simple but powerful tweaks include adding personalized thank you notes to each order and incorporating unique colors into your packaging design. Investing in branded tissue paper is another easy way to really make your packages stand out! 

Red Stag Fulfillment has created a comprehensive list of the top tips for online retailers to create the oh so elusive but critical perfect unboxing experience for every customer, no matter your industry. Read the infographic below to learn the best practices for providing exceptional customer service with simple but powerful modifications to your ecommerce packaging strategy.



I hope you enjoyed this article about the anatomy of a perfect unboxing experience and how to stand out from the competition with your ecommerce business.

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