How Explainer Videos Help Businesses

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Have you heard about explainer videos? 

They are animated videos meant to describe the features and benefits of your business or product in no time. 

Why I Need An Explainer Video For My Business 

Most businesses find it is difficult to express what they do in a simple easy to understand manner, and just a few businesses can do this quickly. This article will give you 10 reasons why your business needs an explainer video now. 

1. Clarify The Use Of Your Product Quickly 

Text and images are not as effective as an animated video, studies have proven that most people prefer to watch a video than read the text on your site. Texts and images can also be a bit tricky, you can read a long text and understand it differently compared to the other guy. Animated explainer videos take out the guesswork and guide the viewer to understand your service or product easily. 

Here is an example of a text-only website and a website with an animated video. 

a. No Video Bad Website Landing Page Example:

bad website landing page example no explainer video

b. Good Website Landing Page Example: 

good website landing page example explainer video

As you can see, there is a big difference between these landing pages and the conversions that they will elicit. 

2. Increase Buyer Urgency 

Surveys have proven that buyers have a higher urge to buy your product or service when there is an explainer video by the buy now button. 

Hmm, why do buyers feel the urge to buy from you after they see your video. 

When the buyer sees your product for the first time, lots of questions run through their minds. 

An animated video answers these questions in a clear and quick way. This is like having your best sales man right in front of the buyer. 

3. Increased Interest In Your Product Or Service 

Social media has made it easy for the business to increase their reach. Animated explainer videos is a great social media marketing tool to generate interest since most people prefer to watch video rather than read text. 

4. Grab Audience Attention Quickly 

Have you visited a site, looked around a bit and then exit the site without understanding what it’s about. 

This can happen to your business site too if it fails to grab the visitor’s attention in less than 15 seconds. The most effective websites are the ones with a video right in front of the visitors explaining what the website is about or the product and service they offer. 

5. Easy To Share (Free referrals) 

Unlike web pages, videos are easy to share. You can just copy the link of a video and paste it in your Facebook post or Twitter tweets. 

This makes videos a preferable choice when creating marketing materials for your business. 

6. Rank Better In Google Search 

Google calculates the amount of time visitors spend on your site to determine whether your website content useful enough to rank it higher. 

People love to watch videos so they will spend their time watching the video on your website which will keep them on your site for as long as the video lasts. 

This does not mean boring videos will keep them on your site. This is one of the reasons why animated videos are becoming the preferred choice, they are made in an engaging and fun way to keep the viewer entertained throughout the video. 

7. Smooth Out The Process Of Using Your Service Or Product 

A new visitor will easily get confused when trying to use your product or service online without any guidance. 

The how-to animated explainers will guide the user through the process smoothly on how your product works and other information they should know about your product. This will make you more money and increase user experience. 

8. Help Your Audience Retain Information 

According to the research conducted by Wharton Research Center, the average person retains 50% of what they see and just 10% of what they hear. 

You don't want to be in a situation which your business marketing is not going to be remembered. This will affect your word of mouth marketing making your business marketing less effective. 

Word of mouth is very powerful - Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos 

9. Liven Up Your Pitch 

A paper pitch is boring, you don’t want to make that your pitching method. Animated videos are fun and lively. A good animation studio will create the best video pitches for your business. 

Explainer videos are perfect for pitching complicated services or products. Here is an example of an animated video pitch. 

10. Increase Your Website Traffic 

When people share your videos on social media their followers will see it, watch it and visit your website if they find any interest in your video. 

Remember your video may also go viral which will bring your business huge exposure. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are also great ways people can find your website too. Millions of people are on these Video Sites every day and will not find it a problem to click on your site link after watching your great animated video. 

This is becoming a good source of website visits now because, Google places videos from YouTube at the top of the search results. Explainer videos are usually top search results on Google and YouTube.

google search results youtube pagerank explainer videos

You've Got Some Explaining To Do

These are just 10 ways explainer videos can help your business, there are hundreds of ways. You should think about video marketing and using an animated video. A great animation studio can give you more information on how animated explainer video marketing can help to boost your brand and also create effective animated videos for you in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how explainer videos can help to explain your product or service and build branding.

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