Schedule Planning As A Freelancer

how to schedule planning as a freelancer

If entrepreneurship isn’t for you but you don’t love the idea of working for a boss, you have one option left open to you: freelancing

Freelancing was once the hidden side of work, something that very few people did; but it has now well and truly broken into the mainstream. In fact, many industries now depend on the work that freelancers do. If you’re looking to change or advance your career, then moving into offering your services on a freelance basis might be the best way to do it. 

There is one downside that comes with freelancing, however. You may love the flexibility that not having a boss brings you, but that also means that you have to motivate yourself and completely manage your own work schedule. This tends to bring with it many issues, especially if you constantly work on temporary freelance contracts. Let’s look into the ways you can manage your schedule and allow your freelancing life to flourish. 

Always Plan Ahead 

Of course, this seems like rather obvious advice, but you would be surprised how few freelancers actually manage to do this effectively. 

When you’re focusing on delivering the work you currently have arranged, it’s incredibly easy to be distracted and forget that you need work after it. To combat this, you need to find methods of sourcing work that are more hands off. Freelance writers can outsource to a writing agency that finds work on their behalf for whatever is relevant to your specific niche. 

If the work comes to you, rather than you having to directly pitch, you’re far more likely to be able to continually string together projects and thus avoid any gaps in income. 

Schedule Days Off 

Freelancers have a tendency to feel like they always have to be “on”. As a result, they don’t take the adequate time off. 

However, no person is a robot, and you can’t just keep working and working-- even if you don’t have a regular salary. You need to be able to schedule time off, or you’ll be at risk of burnout, and then you won’t have any salary at all. There are some great tips online that can help you learn to take time off. If you follow these, you can guarantee you avoid burnout, and thus can secure your career for the future. 

Set Yourself A Daily Plan 

Freelancers soon find that they have to introduce an element of structure into their working day if they are going to make their career a success. Working to standard business hours -- 9am through to 5pm -- ensures that you’re going to be available when clients may contact you, and focuses your mind on the work required of you during that set period. Without this discipline, you could find an hour’s task taking three hours because you have gotten distracted or fallen into the trap of procrastination. Keep standard hours, and this is less likely to happen. 

Freelancing Freedom

The above tips should help you to manage your freelance schedule effectively, so you can get the most out of this enjoyable and flexible way of working.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to schedule planning as a freelance business contractor.

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