Building Your Store: A Guide to Purpose Built Spaces

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Building a space for your business requires a combination of things. It needs to have enough space to keep your products in the back and display them at the front. It needs large windows to present to your customers and encourage them inside. It needs to be appealing yet make economical sense. In short, the best stores or brick and mortar shops are purpose built. 

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If you are planning such a venture then you really do need to think about the types of materials you would like to use, as well as the tradesmen you will require to put the building up. You must also consider making a cost/benefit analysis to see what will be a good use of your hard-earned cash and what is a luxury too far. Set your budget, allow a contingency and then stick to your numbers in 2023 or 2024. 

Set Design Rules 

When you purpose build, you need to keep in mind your main set of aims. Sketch and build models before you finalize your plans to check it works out. If, for example, you are building in order to house a set of machines, then measuring the machines to make sure they fit in is a basic step you need to take. What many people forget, though, is that even if the floor space allows them, they will need to get through a doorway to be placed. Measure door ways too! 

The purpose of your build will also inform the materials you use. You would expect a storefront to be heavy on glass so that you can make the most of display space and create curb appeal, but a warehouse might be more suited to cheaper materials. Think about who this building is for and what they would expect to see and work from there. It’s tempting to just follow the big stores, but be original in your design to stand out from the crowds. 

Build to Last 

Whatever the purpose of your building, make sure that your design is durable and weather-tight. This means sealing every gap and using sensible cladding and roofing materials as well as proper building methods. There’s no point in building something that won’t last very long. 

To be certain of your building’s shelf-life, bring in trusted contractors and hire an architect to oversee proceedings. Professionals who have a good reputation and a solid portfolio of work are always a good bet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use specialist companies. A commercial roofing company with a good reputation, for example, will have plenty of experience and expertise too. 

Invest in Green Technology 

If you can afford to invest in energy producing green technologies like solar panels, it is well worth the extra spend, especially if you are building a power-hungry manufacturing plant. Investing now will save you money down the line as fuel prices inevitably continue to rise and solar power remains pretty much free. 

Green technology is always a good way to appeal to environmentally conscious customers too. It will give your reputation a boost and show that you, as a business, are committed to improving your methods and processes for good.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to build your store with purpose on a budget.

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