Budget Store Design Tips Guaranteed To Boost Sales

budget store design guaranteed to boost retailer sales brick and mortar shop

There is not a sane human on the planet that would argue against the importance of having an online retail option. To put it bluntly, not going down this route will be seriously detrimental to your business. You’ll be stuck surviving when you could be thriving. Even as a marketing tool, just having an ecommerce website to support your physical store is a cost-effective way to encourage sales

However, we stumbled across some research the other day that explained how 60% of consumers decide to part with their cash at a store. An actual retail store. Made of bricks and mortar. That shows exactly why it is so important to have a store that stands out from the crowd and encourages spender’s to wander in. 

Of course, most independent retailers don’t have the funds to splash on a total overhaul, which is why we have come up with a few ideas that will allow you to spruce your space on a budget. 

Less Is More 

Think of it in terms of web design, where so much focus is paid to the white space. You’ve probably landed on a cluttered website where there is so much going on that you can’t focus on anything, making your heart start to palpitate and forcing you to return to the safety of Google. Well, the same principle applies to your shop. You want to draw the consumer’s eye to the things you want them to focus on. 

Creative Displays Only 

One of the best ways you can make your store stand out and get it to embody your brand is to get creative with your displays. Use wire mesh panels to give your window displays a striking backdrop (and another level of security), hang an old bicycle you’ve sprayed copper on the wall and hang items from it, and have an old leather chair in the corner so that people can sit comfortably to try on a pair of shoes. Use your imagination. Embrace that child-like creativity you’ve been stifling or, if you’re really struggling, play the word association game to help you approach your displays. 

Assault Their Senses 

Millennials now make up the majority of the consumer market, followed by Gen Z’ers, and there is nothing these spenders like more than an experience. So give them one. Invest in some speakers, get yourself signed up for Spotify and then experiment, see what kind of music makes people bob their heads and sway their hips because happy customers tend to spend more freely. 

But don’t stop there. Have a popcorn machine by the sales space - knowing everyone is attracted to the smell of popcorn - encouraging them to make a purchase and then cash in on this payment time. Or have an old coffee machine to give off a more sophisticated aroma, but still do the same thing. Stimulating your customer's senses can go a long way. Image source 

Speed Bumps 

Work What do speed bumps on the road do? Yeah. They make you slow down. The same goes with shops. We’re not talking about actually putting concrete bumps down, we’re talking about adding some small racks and display tables around your store that will encourage your customers to slow down and spend more time in your shop. Ikea does this immensely well by using cheaper bits and bobs that people can’t resist. This is good because people who are buying one thing are more inclined to buy more things.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about budget-friendly store designs that are guaranteed to boost sales at your brick and mortar retail shop.

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