How To Ensure You Don't Lose On Your Business Move

Anyone who’s moved to a new house or condo knows how stressful it can be. There’s so much to consider, and a lot of money to spend on top of the price of your new home. It’s no wonder that we try to keep big moves to a minimum. 

Fewer people consider the stress and cost of moving business space. Which, lucky for you, is what we’re going to look at here. 

In many ways, a move like this is fantastic news. Your business is expanding, and you’re able to afford a larger space. But, before you have a chance to enjoy it, the reality of the work ahead kicks in. Worse, you realize that the spending doesn’t stop with the initial outlay. And, if you don’t get a handle on the move, you stand to lose even more. 

Before you start panicking, take a step back. Allow yourself a moment to enjoy the achievement. Then, when you’re ready, make your move as cost effective as possible by following these steps. 

Get Your New Space Ready Before You Move 

How many of us have rushed into an empty new home because we couldn’t wait? There’s something quaint about sleeping on a mattress while you wait for the furniture to arrive. But, the same cannot be said for your business.

If you have to shut up shop, you stand to lose money. So, you should hold fire on moving until your new space is customer ready. That means decorating, and completing structural work before you even attempt to move. You can transfer some things beforehand, but you need to keep your current space operational until you’re ready. Otherwise, you’ll lose valuable money by stopping trading. 

Make The Move Smooth

Movers aren’t known for their careful manner. We’ve all experienced the upset of a valuable piece of furniture getting damaged in transit. These things happen. But, you can’t afford to let them happen with your business equipment. Breaking that expensive processing machinery could spell curtains. 

So, you need to do everything possible to ensure the move is smooth. You should develop a careful plan how you want to move things, and in what order. You should also get as much help as you can, from both people and equipment like machinery skates, which will ensure no nasty scrapes ensue. Bubble wrap may not be a bad idea, either. Any protection is worth taking for your business equipment and supplies to avoid damages. 

Make Sure People Know Where To Find You 

Moving into an operational space won’t do you any good if people don’t know where to find you. So, in the weeks leading up to your move, make sure to spread the word. Putting posters in the window of your current space is always a good idea. You may even be able to leave these for a few weeks after. It’s also worth having a grand opening, so people sit up and take notice. Advertise on social media, and get people out on the street with flyers. The more people you reach with the news, the better.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to optimize your moving process when relocating a business.

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