How To Repair Your Disposable Vape

how to repair disposable vape recharging vaping

Introduction To Vaping

Given that a single use vape is cheaper and of relatively lower quality than real vapes, users may sometimes find their disposable ones to be faulty and resort to throwing them away. However, this is extremely wasteful as the problems that arise are usually pretty minor and easily resolved. 

Whether your vape isn’t giving you good hits, your light isn’t working as well as it should or is releasing a burnt flavour, you’ve come to the right page. This article will list down the common problems and solutions to make your wonky disposable vape as good as new

Weak Hits 

One common complaint is that disposable vapes give their users weak hits. Before blaming the device, could it be that the nicotine strength of the vape is not strong enough for you? 

Try getting one with a stronger e-liquid to see if that is the issue. Otherwise, if you noticed your vaping device has become weaker over time, here’s what you can do. 

Give It Some Time 

Sometimes, all you need is to give your vape a break. Vaping too frequently or at a fast pace will cause the inner workings of the device to not run as smoothly as they should. The e-liquid needs time to be transferred from its storage and through the end of the pipes. By slowing down and vaping less frequently, the e-liquid will be fully absorbed by the coil to produce a stronger hit. 

Block The Airflow Vent 

Things are about to get scientific vapers. By simply placing your finger over the vent, you’ll be increasing air pressure and making the vapours within the device warmer. This will help with the efficiency of circulation and produce stronger hits. 

Break Air Bubbles 

Your disposable vape may be producing weak hits because of air bubbles blocking the pathway to the device’s wicks. To fix this, tap your device on a hard surface to get rid of the bubbles. Then, give your wick a few seconds to get wet and try puffing again. 

No Hits 

Perhaps the light remains blinking, but there isn’t vapour coming out? Or, maybe nothing is happening at all when you inhale? 

Having no hits on your vape is arguably worse than getting weak hits. Disposable vapes are designed to discard them in the trash. Do look out for these signs to know if you’re done with yours. 

E-liquid Is Empty 

Most devices will allow you to see the level of the e-liquid in them. Whilst a disposable vape contains enough liquid to last for an average of 200 puffs, it isn’t a sure guarantee that it would last for so long. Depending on the depth of your puffs and the regularity of your vaping sessions, your pod may not last as long as you think it may be. This is because over-inhaling or vaping too much may cause your device’s coil to become overheated and malfunction. 

One surefire way to check whether you have enough e-juice is to check the little opening in your vape. If you can’t see the vape juice anymore, your device is probably finished. 

Dead Battery 

Some devices have an indicator light to reflect the battery levels. Red usually means the battery is dead and it’s time to discard it away. Also, do note that the batteries of disposable vapes are usually designed to last slightly longer than the amount of e-liquid. This means that if your battery is gone, so has the e-juice. 

Insensitive Airflow Sensor 

Disposable vapes use an airflow sensor to detect when you suck and release air. If your vape isn’t hitting, it might be because the airflow sensor is no longer sensitive enough, or is being blocked by condensation that occurs in the interior of the device. To fix this, use your finger and cover one of the intake vents whilst puffing. This will significantly increase the air pressure flowing through the vape and restart the puff sensor again. 

No Hits Since The Beginning 

If your device has never worked, then there could be something wrong with the device itself. Get yourself a tweezer and deconstruct your disposable vape by prying off the mouthpiece first. Check the underneath of the mouthpiece and you should see a cotton pad with a hole in the middle. This pad helps to catch condensation and prevent your device from spitting and gurgling. If the pad is burnt up, remove or reposition it so that the hole is properly lined up with the hole in the rubber stopper. 

If your cotton pad is fine, check the rubber stopper next –– there should be a hole leading up to the interior of the device. If the hole is blocked, you can either remove or reposition the stopper, or reopen the hole using a toothpick. Once the hole is free from blockage, the device should be back to normal. ​​ 

Tasting A Burnt Flavor 

If you are getting a burnt flavour from your device, it is a big red flag for you to slow down. Disposable vapes are typically not equipped with any sort of function to control the temperature. Vaping too quickly could burn the wick as it does not have enough time to absorb the e-liquid. Slow down a bit! 

Another reason could be that the e-liquid has run out, which can be checked through the little opening located in the disposable vape. To fix this, set your device down on a flat surface to let the wick absorb more vape juice –– you might just get several more hits out of it! 

Lastly, we strongly encourage not placing your device under direct sunlight or anywhere too warm to prevent overheating. 

Leakage And Gurgling 

Are there droplets of e-liquid coming out of your device? Or have you accidentally tasted that nasty e-juice? The most plausible cause for these scenarios is that you’re inhaling the device too excessively. This causes too much air pressure within the device and the liquid inevitably has to flow somewhere else, i.e. your mouth or the airflow vent. Simply put lesser pressure when you take a puff and avoid squeezing the sides of the device if you are using a pod-based one. Placing excessive pressure on the pod may cause excess liquid to leak into the device’s main coil assembly. 

Other Common Inquires 

You might have some burning questions that you are dying to ask right now. Well, hopefully, it is one of the two things that the following will now address. 

Is It Possible To Refill A Disposable Vape? 

Technically, yes, but it is not recommended as it is too troublesome. Disposable vapes are designed for convenience. You buy it, use it, throw it, and repeat. If you want to stick to a device, consider changing to a permanent vape. They make things like refilling the e-liquid quick and easy. Also, remember that if your e-liquid has run out, it’s a matter of time before the batteries run out as well. 

However, if you wish to refill your disposable vape for whatever reasons, you’ll have to disassemble the entire device and switch out the empty tank for a new one. Oh yes, remember to also change the battery if you think it’s required. 

Is It Possible To Recharge A Disposable Vape? 

Possible? Yes. Recommended? Strictly no. Again, disposable vapes are designed to be eventually thrown away. This means that the batteries used are cheap and only last for a short while. It is extremely dangerous to recharge these batteries as they could release toxic gases into the device or even explode and put people nearby in danger. Do not try this, even if you are an electrical engineer or some other knowledgeable expert. You are much better off just getting a new vape and not wasting your time. 


Have you tried any of the recommended solutions yet, or maybe it’s time for you to get a new vape? Hopefully, you found these pointers useful in figuring out the state of your vape. Remember to always exercise safety and caution. If you dislike having to replace your device frequently, consider switching to using a permanent vape.

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