Big Release: R And M Tornado 10000 Vapes

new r and m tornado disposable vapes

Friends who are familiar with electronic cigarettes should have paid attention to the tornado series of products recently. This series sold very well as soon as it was launched, and has been sought after and praised by the majority of young disposable cigarette lovers. As a brand focusing on disposable electronic cigarette pens and customized electronic cigarette hardware, R and M combined the most innovative hardware design with the most wonderful taste. And they have now launched three tornado series products strongly. They are R and M tornado 7000 puffs, tornado 9000 puffs and tornado 10000 puffs disposable vape respectively. 

The shells of these three products all adopt a consistent cylindrical body design and r and m iconic graphic print pattern. We will focus on this tornado 10000 puffs disposable vape with the largest mouth count. The shell of this 10000 puffs is printed with different fancy patterns to match fun-filled d vaping, which is very eye-catching and expresses personality. There are a total of 12 different colors and patterns for you to choose from, and the shell is made of transparent material so that you can observe the internal status of the device more conveniently. You can know the status of the device from the RGB light. There are six colors in total, representing different modes and states. 

This 10,000-puff disposable cigarette mainly comes in two flavors: Grape Ice and Mint Menthol. There are more than 10 flavor options in total. No matter what flavor you like, you can find the one that suits you here. Each flavor has undergone thousands of seasoning experiments, and the carefully developed flavors can satisfy the taste habits of more people. 

Its e-juice reserve has reached 20ml, which can provide 10,000 puffs for vapers, and the use process will not be interrupted, which can be said to be very satisfying. Not only that, you can also adjust the airflow to the best suction position you are used to through the airflow adjustment system. The mesh coil that comes with you can effectively improve cloud performance and stimulate flavor, and you can enjoy vape all the time without changing the coil for it. 

In order to give you a more secure experience, it has a built-in 850mAh battery, which can provide you with sufficient battery life and power support for a disposable vape. You don’t need to worry when the battery is running out on these new branded disposable vapes, you just need to gently connect it to the type-c charging plug, and then wait quietly for a cup of coffee to let it continue to provide services for you, the charging operation is very convenient and the charging process very fast. You can enjoy the pure rich flavor and rich clouds until you use up the last drop of e-juice. If you are also keen on the r and m brand or disposable cigarettes, I believe this large puff disposable cigarettes will definitely satisfy you. 

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