3 Key Features Of Good Latin Dance Shoes

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Latin dance shoes are among the most important pieces of equipment for a dancer. They protect your feet, allowing you to make more complex and intricate moves without hurting yourself. They also help you balance and make your body look its best when dancing. 

The best latin dance shoes  are comfortable and durable, but they also have to be stylish enough to fit in with your look on the dance floor. If you are new to Latin dancing, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for shoes—but we are here to help! Here are 3 key features that every dancer should look for when shopping for their first pair of Latin dance shoes: 

1. Closure System 

The closure system of a shoe is the method by which it is secured onto the foot. There are two main types of closure systems: laces and buckles. 


Laces are the most common closure system used in many shoes, including Latin dance shoes. Lace-up shoes have laces that run through eyelets attached to the upper by way of a tongue. These laces can be adjusted to allow for more or less room in the shoe, depending on how tightly they are tied. Lace-up shoes are typically worn without socks, although some dancers wear thin ankle socks to prevent the leather from rubbing against their skin while dancing on hardwood floors. 


Buckles are another closure system used in many types of shoes, including Latin dance shoes. Buckles come in many shapes and sizes but generally consist of two metal pieces that snap together via a spring mechanism to hold them together until they are released by pulling on one side or pushing on another. The main advantage of buckle-style closures over laces is that they allow quicker removal when needed (such as when taking off a shoe after class). 

2. Soft Leather Material 

Leather is one of the best materials for dance shoes, providing the wearer with flexibility and comfort. Leather is also highly durable and will last for years if properly maintained. It is important to note that not all leather is created equal. Some leathers are better than others for dancing, especially when it comes to Latin dancing

The best leathers for dancing are soft and pliable. They should be able to bend easily without feeling stiff or rigid. The leather should also have a bit of give when pressed against the floor, so your feet can move freely without getting caught on anything. 

3. Good Grip 

A good grip is an absolute must in Latin dance shoes. You need to have a firm foothold on the floor while dancing, and if your shoes don't have a good grip, you will have issues. You will notice it immediately when you put them on — if they are slippery and hard to control, then it is time to try a different pair. 

The best way to check for grip is by standing on the floor with your bare feet and sliding your feet around. If you can slide easily across the floor without any resistance, this isn't working for you. You want to get a pair of shoes specifically designed for dancing — these will have extra traction built into them so that they stick firmly onto the floor no matter what kind of surface you are dancing on. 

Just Dance

If you are trying to be a professional dancer or a choreographer, buying Latin dance shoes is one of the best decisions you can ever make. You will feel comfortable while dancing in these. It amuses me to know that how you choose your dancing shoes says a lot about your personality and interests. In other words, choosing the best one can help you look your best and feel confident before dancing.

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