The Benefits Of Promotional Pens For Your Business

benefits of promotional pens for businesses

You have probably heard about pens and similar items being a wonderful, superb promotion for businesses. On the surface, it might seem like hyperbole and exaggeration intended to make you buy pens. But that is simply not true. Pens are ideal for businesses for a number of excellent reasons. In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of using pens for promotions and how to choose the right ones. Let's jump right in to the reasoning for promotional pen profits. 

Why Pens Are Great For Business 

To begin with, it helps build brand awareness. Brand awareness offers insight into how well aware of your brand potential customers are, how they perceive it, and how effectively it can generate leads/interest in your company. Pens are also a great source of visible marketing that passively advertises your brand. People are likely to remember a logo or phrase imprinted on a pen over another type of message. And if they use the pen for writing, they will not only be exposed to your logo but also develop better memory by physically writing on paper (at least according to recent research). But the reality is that if you see a logo every single day, you might be more inclined to visit that company. Other people who see it might become interested and decide they wish to become a patron of your business as well. In this manner, you are connecting with customers and building a solid reputation through the simple gesture of giving away a pen or similar custom item. Furthermore pens build engagement across multiple audiences. They aren't limited to any single demographic and offer great versatility for any marketing effort. 

Improving Business Reach 

Pens can improve your business reach by creating impressions on a large variety of different customers. Business reach helps you determine how many unique customers you're reaching with your advertising and whether or not it is effective. Since promotional pins introduce your brand to potential new customers, or leads, they can be a fantastic way of improving your reach in a meaningful way. They are also easy to give away in different places. Trade shows, for instance, are a fantastic venue for distributing pens because they can reach a large volume of different people. You can also give them away at your store. There are plenty of ways to improve reach and increase customer loyalty using pens, making them one of them a worthwhile pursuit for your company. 

Increasing Brand Recognition 

Brand recognition is a critical component of succeeding as a small business. Potential customers must learn about your brand in order to become regular patrons. Pens increase brand recognition quite a bit over any other promotional item. Per The Promotional Products Industry Technology Report from 2018, pens are the ideal conduit for creating lasting impressions on customers. Most of the time, this is due to people using them in public and hanging on to them for a long time. Potential customers will become familiar with your name and logo as well when they see other people using it in public. At least, that is the general consensus among marketing and advertising. And it is accurate. People who receive pens tend to feel more positivity toward a business and are more likely to become customers or referral sources.

Choosing The Right Pens 

Getting the most out of your promotional pens comes down to choosing the right ones to offer your audience. Don't just settle for the first bulk purchase of custom pens you come across. That is a surefire way to lose out on many of the benefits of promoting with pens. Spend some time researching and checking out the different options available. Pens are durable and last a long time, so you will want to find a reputable vendor. Offering high-quality pens is essential. Pens also offer a ton of variety (ballpoint, fine tip, fountain, engraved, stylus tip, gel) so spend some time examining the different options and choose the one that fits your budget, needs, and the mission you hope to accomplish. If you are looking to distribute pens at a trade show, ball points are likely the way to go. If you want to offer them as part of a loyalty program, engraved pens can do the trick. Gel pens and fine tip pens make great sales items for your business. 

Final Thoughts On Promotional Pens

Developing a targeted marketing plan to reach your audience is always a significant challenge. It is compounded by the simple fact there are a multitude of different businesses out there to suit anyone's needs. Companies must stand out to make an impact. Promotional items such as pens that contain a logo or information from a company can go a long way toward bridging this gap. They boost engagement, offer a cost-effective solution to marketing, create massive impressions, and can even generate leads. Whether you give them away, sell them, or include them as part of a loyalty plan for your customers, you can use promotional pens effectively to help put your business on the map.

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