11 Mall Kiosk Businesses That Are Successful If Done Right

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Opening retail kiosks at malls definitely has its share of advantages over buying or renting a proper shop. Firstly, mall kiosks are easy to setup and they require a significantly lower initial investment. A kiosk for a small local brand can be right next to a big brand store at the mall and pay significantly lower rent. Apart from a lower rental rate, retail kiosks typically need only a few people to operate, which keeps the overhead down. 

Another advantage is visual merchandising. While most stores can take advantage of their visual merchandising tactics when customers walk in, kiosks can target passersby much more effectively. Unlike stores, kiosks also have multiple store fronts, which means the brand name and the products can be viewed from all angles. This allows kiosks to appeal to impulse buyers. 

For all these reasons and more, the mall kiosk business is booming. The lower startup cost is opening doors for entrepreneurs to launch their products in multiple locations. 

While selling products in kiosks is a smart idea, success also depends on the type of product. The following are 11 top mall kiosk ideas that can be incredibly successful if done right. 

Custom and Readymade T-Shirt Store 

Funny graphic tee displays are a great way to get attention from people walking by. Use proper signage to let people know that you sell both custom and ready made t-shirts. However, the success of your store will depend on how fast you can get the t-shirts ready and your variety of shirts. 

Smartphone Accessories 

Considering that smartphones all look the same, people always look for ways to accessorize them. Cell phone case stores that also sell chargers and other accessories should have no problem finding customers if located in a high-traffic spot.

Snacks Counter And Coffee Shop 

A small coffee shop with tall bar stools allows people to relax and have a cup of joe after a hard day of shopping. Apart from selling cold and hot coffee, it’s also a good idea to have a few savory snacks to go with the drinks. 

Candy Store With Free Sampling 

Giving free samples always pays off and there have been several studies that prove that. This is mainly because people generally do not walk away after trying free samples. A chocolate store that allows free sampling is bound to generate interest. This is a great idea for independent chocolatiers trying to promote their own brand. 

Used Books And Magazine Store 

People still love reading books and they also like being seen reading books. This is why a used bookstore that also sells the latest magazines is a great idea for retail kiosks. Offer buying and exchange services to create buzz. 

Massage Chairs With Phone Charging Points 

Massage chairs offer a great way for people to pass the time when they are waiting for someone. Clubbing free phone charging points along with the massage service will allow you to attract more customers. You can even have infotainment displays for each massage chair to allow customers to watch movies or listen to music. 

Jewelry Store Selling Affordable Items 

While people prefer to buy expensive jewelry from large stores, they have no qualms about buying cheap jewelry from kiosks. Chunky necklaces, rings, bangles, and earrings made from sterling silver, gold plated metal, and other inexpensive metals can be a big hit. 

Sugar-Free Ice Cream Stall 

Every year more and more people are becoming calorie conscious and by now everyone knows what food they need to avoid, sugar. A sugar-free ice cream stall is sure to attract a steady flow of gym goers and diabetics looking for a healthy snack. 

Gift Store With Free Gift Packaging Service 

People often head to the supermarket to find gift items for loved ones. Gift stores selling small handicraft items, perfumes, and clothes can capitalize on that need. Offer free packaging service to create loyal customers. 

Tattoo Parlor That Offers Permanent And Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are not for everyone. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer both permanent and henna tattoos at your kiosk. You can market it as temporary “tattoos for kids.” However, the success of the store will depend solely on the skill level of the tattoo artist. 

Toy Store With Great Visual Merchandising 

A mall retail kiosk displaying action figures and other toys is a great way to target parents with kids. Use large cutouts of action figures to draw more attention to your store. Apart from kids dragging their parents to your store, you will also attract adults looking for gifts for their children.

Start Your Mall Kiosk Store Today

In today's age of retail recession, mall kiosk stores are a rare bright spot in the industry. With their low overhead and versatility, you can earn a great income with these small smart shops in malls around the world.

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