4 Tricks Making Trade Show Success Cheaper

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Too many business leaders and marketing executives think being successful at trade shows means outspending the competition; an attitude that holds them back more than they realize. The real recipe for success, however, is more to do with effort. In fact, this equation is about as simple as they get: the more effort you put in, the more success you will get out. 

Of course, this leaves one enormous question that needs to be answered: where do you put your effort in for trade shows and expos? 

Well, in order to help you answer this question, we have come up with a list of incredibly effective and wonderfully frugal strategies that only the most experienced industry professional use. These really are top tips worth writing down, printing out and sticking on the back of your office door so that they are never forgotten. 

First Impressions Are Crucial 

A first opinion is created in one-tenth of a second and has a lot to do with the long-term status of a business relationship thereafter. 

That is why you need to make sure your trade show booth is packed full of creative ideas because that is what is going to give you the edge over your competitors. To ensure you have an idea of what we mean, we recommend you visit more of our trade show tactics articles. You’ll be able to see exactly what sort of thing we’re talking about on this front. 

Just remember one thing, make your exhibit stand out. If you don’t the rest of your time will be wasted. 

Smoke And Mirrors 

Let’s say you are at a football game and you want to get yourself the tastiest, bestest burger on offer. That’s when you spot a vendor that has a line far longer than the others. Psychology says you are going to join that line. Why? Because we inherently trust social proof. The same strategy will work at a trade show. In fact, it is one of the oldest tricks as Inc will attest. That is why you use your employees to your advantage, dressing them as civilians and then have them surround your exhibit. People will flock to your stall, meaning all you have to do is have enough people to engage with them. 

Merchandise That Stands Out 

Every single booth at that trade show you are attending is going to be armed with branded merchandise. They are going to have branded water bottles, string bags, mugs, USB sticks and whatever else. That is where a little creativity can make your brand pop. So, instead of giving out the normal things, give out wearables, like wrist bands and light-up lanyards and sunglasses that kind of thing. Then, to encourage people to wear them, promote the fact you’re having a competition on the last day and anyone wearing your promo bits has a chance to win. You will create a buzz, one that will catch on. Soon everyone will want your wristbands. 

Sharing Is Caring 

Pretty much every trade show going you’ll have competitors that are trying to grab the attention of the same target audience as you. That is why you should team up with someone by swapping the leads and contact information you collected over the course of your stay. What more effective way is there to double your lead and sales opportunities. 

Trade Show Time

Of course, try not to get into bed with a direct competitor, but team up with a brand that is selling something different or vying for a different demographic. Voila, you’ve successfully doubled your chances of trade show success without spending any more money.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about tricks of the trade that will improve your success at conventions, expos, and trade shows.

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