How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

how to make business more sustainable

When you first opened your business, your main goal was to connect with your target audience and make a profit. While turning a profit is obviously your ultimate objective, you also need to think about the environment. As funny as it sounds, businesses can have a significant impact on the environment. 

Unfortunately, the natural phenomenon known as climate change has become problematic as time went on. This is due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil. But that doesn't mean climate change is unbeatable; there are plenty of ways to counter its effects and businesses have the power to do so. In this article, we will be going over how you can make your business more sustainable. 

Save Your Power 

Although the amount of power used solely depends on the size of your business, the average company uses about 30,000 to 60,000 kWh annually. While all companies depend on power, there is no reason to use that much. Not to mention, you will be faced with a rather exorbitant electric bill. This is why you should switch to more energy efficient methods. 

If you want to keep your business eco friendly the first method we have for you is installing solar panels. Sure, they may be a large investment, but it is more than worth it if it means helping the environment. Instead of using an unnecessary amount of power, solar panels draw energy from the sun and generates it into electricity. If you don't have a big enough budget for solar panels, there are more affordable options. You can simply shut off all lights and equipment when business hours are over. You can also take advantage of natural lighting to brighten up the rooms. 

Optimize Your Fleet 

One of the most prominent contributors to climate change is vehicles. If your business uses a fleet to fulfill goals, then you need to optimize your fleet. Fleet optimization is a fantastic way to protect the environment and save a lot of money in the long run. Fleet vehicles use an abundance of fuel and can be very costly to constantly refill the gas tanks. This could be because the drivers are idling and taking longer routes. This is why you need to screen your drivers very carefully. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a certain stipulation when it comes to operating a fleet vehicle that is titled or registered to a company. In some cases, it is mandated to have a commercial driver's license. There is plenty to know about commercial driver's license, which can be found on the FMCSA's website. Another problem with gas is the price. In fact, did you know that the average price of gas costs between $3 to $5 a gallon? 

But that is not the worst part; the greenhouse gas emission comes from the exhaust pipe, which then floats up into the atmosphere. This is how the atmosphere has holes in it and cause the Earth to heat up. But with fleet optimization, you can help prevent climate change from getting worse while providing quality service. You can prepare shorter, more effective routes for your drivers, have routine maintenance, and provide a designated driver's program. If you want to go the extra mile and significantly reduce your carbon footprint, you can consider purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). EVs use a large, high-powered battery to operate rather than the traditional fossil fuel. 

Keep Waste To A Minimum 

Climate change aside, the environment is impacted in other ways. Waste is a prime example; businesses produce approximately eight billion tons of waste every year. Here is a brief list of waste businesses produce annually: 

• Food 
• Glass 
• Paper 
• Plastic 
• Hazardous waste 
• Liquids 
• Bathroom waste 

This list is longer than it appears as every business generates different types of waste. Medical practices generate hazardous waste while restaurants and grocery stores produce a ton of plastic. 

Educate Your Customers 

Education is also a great way to keep your customers and attract new ones. Since many customers are interested in sustainability, you can hold workshops, lives online, or in-person informational sessions. You can also send out informative emails that build your email list and show customers your dedication to being more sustainable. Just like your business strategy, you need to set sustainability goals. Once you reach the initial ones, you then need to revisit those same goals and determine if they are still working. 


While it might sound easy enough to do, becoming a sustainable company takes ongoing research. You need to stay focused on latest sustainability trends, so you can continually refine your goals. You also need to make sure your employees understand your vision. Hold monthly meetups and talk about how going green is for the better. Many think that becoming sustainable can hinder growth. The truth is, going green can help a business grow exponentially. In fact, once you harness the power of sustainability, you can save money that can be re-invested back into your business.

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