High Conversion Using Web Push Notifications For Retail

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Today the retail business is evolving at an alarming rate. This led to huge traffic on some platforms but some are still struggling for conversions. These platforms are trying their level best to beat the competition, but are not able to survive for long enough. The end result is they are clueless about what is happening. 

If you are one among them, then your search ends here. 

As today's customers are using an amalgamation of both physical and digital stores to their advantage. So you need to work on a strategy that provides your customers with the experience of both, on a single platform. 

You must have probably heard about WordPress Push Notifications in the world of retail. 

When we are talking about a strategy, which strategy is better than web push notifications? 

Yes, Web push notifications are the one that has an ability to engage users to your platform and later on converting this engagement into sales. 


Let us discuss high conversion using web push notifications for retail to help you grasp better. 

Auto Triggered

One of the prime advantages of using web push notifications is, they can be auto-triggered according to an individual’s behavior. This means they are more relevant and can garner higher click – through rates. What happens in most cases is a customer is looking for a particular product. Then the customer gets interested in some other product and forgets about the past. 

Now what these auto-triggered web push notifications do is, they create an alert that includes some details regarding the product that includes the product’s name, brand, etc. Then these are sent to customers with incentives on a timely basis, in demand for a proposed action from customers. 

Customization And Fast Delivery

Web push notifications can be sent instantly all around the world. That means you got some new product or service on your platform, it just takes some moments and you can reach your users within no time. This makes it possible for you to start selling your products or services from the moment you add them to your platform. 

Moreover these notifications create an urge in the mind of users to see the notification in detail and go for a purchase. You can also customize at what time your user will see the notification. It further increases the chances that customers will think of closing a deal right after getting through the notification. 

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Web push notifications can be crafted, as per your demand. It means if this process is used strategically then it can draw more customers to your platform. Haven’t you seen stores full of customers when their products or services are running on occasional discounts? This is what a FOMO is all about. 

When limited-time deals are presented to customers via push notifications with phrases like “Limited time deal”, “Stock is running out”, “Only a few items left in store”.  It creates a fear of loss in the mind of the customers. Then it automatically creates an urge to go for purchase on the spot. This factor can be raised further by adding a reverse time clock. 

Abandoned Carts 

According to global statistics, more than 69% of online shopping carts are left abandoned. Now suppose a search is performed by a customer on your platform, a customer then shows interest in some product and adds the product to its cart. Now what happens is, the customer got involved in some work or left out the platform to make a purchase late, and then forgot. 

In these cases you can use web push notifications to send reminders for completing the purchase. This will help to remind customers about abandoned carts and to go for final checkout. 

Up-Selling And Cross-Selling

In the world of Artificial Intelligence you can easily track search history or purchase history of a customer. Then this history is molded and used in web push notifications to send suggestions to customers about products and services. 

In up-selling users are convinced to go for a more expensive or higher version of the previous product after some time. Whereas in cross-selling, customers are convinced of complimenting components or accessories for products and services. This process will help you to boost your sales as through this process you are offering your customers what actually they need. 


In the world of retail, one needs to focus constantly on a strategy to complete the sales target. But most of the owners fail to implement the strategy effectively. A web push notification is one of those strategies. Now, how to implement web push notifications effectively is presented to you. 

WonderPush is one of the best platforms that can take your sales beyond limits by helping you through Wordpress-WooCommerce push notifications. These push notifications are effective enough to take your retail business to a new level.

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