How to Find a Top Video Production Company

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If you want to make an event or an ad memorable, you need to document it on video. About 78% of people watch online videos once a week. Half of those people consume video content every single day.

People will engage with your company and they prefer to learn about your brand through video. People turn to videos for workouts and recipes. If you want your brand to be front and center, you need to hire a professional video producer.

Are you ready to learn how to find a video production company?

Let’s get started on finding the best video production companies for your business requirements!

Know the Project Needs and Goals

Hiring the right video production company starts with understanding the scope of your project. You need to know the purpose of the video and the result you want to achieve.

For example, if you have a band and you want to produce a music video, the purpose would be to promote your band and post the video on YouTube and other social networks.

The goal could be to get album sales from the video or build awareness about your band. A video commercial can have similar goals because you ultimately want to sell a product.

As part of this process, you need to get a firm idea of the target market. Some video production companies are built to create content for specific audiences.

One company may specialize in creating videos that appeal to a younger audience. Another my specialize in creating B2B content.

You want to be clear on who your audience is and how you want them to relate to your brand. If your goal is to get them to buy something, it’s critical to know the emotional triggers that will get them to buy.

Understand the Costs of Video Production

The downside of video is that good video isn’t easy to produce. Spend some time looking at videos on YouTube and you’ll see plenty of examples of bad video quality. There are videos that have poor sound and lighting.

It’s not a matter of someone showing up with a camera and creating magic. Professional video takes time and money to produce.

What exactly goes into the cost of quality video production? Here are some of the top pricing factors.

Investment in Equipment

A high-quality video camera costs thousands of dollars. Same with sound equipment, lighting, and editing software.

If you were to invest in this equipment yourself, you could easily shell out $5,000 and end up with middle of the road quality.

You also have to remember that it’s not just the investment in equipment that you’re paying for. 

You’re also paying for the expertise to use the equipment in creative ways to make your brand stand out.

Pre-Production Time

In the preproduction phase, a video production company will storyboard the shoot. They’ll plan out the shots that the need and sketch them out on paper first. That will dictate the shot list during the production time.

There’s also the location planning phase. It needs to be decided if your shoot will be on location or in a studio. You then have to decide who will pay for the location and the video equipment.

Let’s say that you need video services to record a product launch event. The video production company may have to rent video production equipment if the location is too far away. You’re going to end up paying for that rental.

Production Time

A video shoot can take anywhere from half a day to multiple days. You need to pay for the shooting locations, and video production staff.

Depending on the scope of the shoot, you may have to pay for talent, assistants, catering, and more.


Editing is often the most time-consuming part of the process because the sound and video have to be seamless. Editing could take longer if you shot a lot of footage.

Set Your Budget

Now that you know what does into pricing video services, you can set your budget. How much should you set aside?

There are a ton of variables at play, but you should still expect to pay around $2500 per minute of finished footage.

You could find video production services for less but remember that you will get what you pay for.

Start to Research Companies

You can start researching companies by doing an online search or by asking others in your industry who they used.

You want to have about 5-10 names of video production companies to look into further. 

What Is the Video Production Company’s Creative Process?

Every video production company has its own process. You have to understand what the process is before you commit thousands of dollars.

Each company should have a detailed project proposal that looks professional. That shows what you’re paying for, the project timeline, and the final deliverables.

Look for Long-Term Partnerships

Video production services come in all shapes and sizes. You want a company that provides a variety of services. That allows your company to grow while retaining the same video production company.

Ask for Recent Projects

It’s important to get clear about the partnership aspect of your video production company. There has to be a good fit, and you want t make sure that they will produce quality videography work.

These videogrpahers will have a demo roll to introduce prospects to the work of the company. These are slick, edited productions that can gloss over production issues.

Instead, ask the video production companies for references and past video projects. You want to see that the video company has experience in your industry.

Find the Perfect Video Production Company

If you want to stand out in this noisy world, you need to make sure that you’re using the best video production company in your area.

Finding that top video production company is easy once you know your goals and purpose of the project. You will be able to align your project with the video production company within your budget.

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