How Dry Humates Improve Nutrients And Plant Growth

how dry humates improve nutrient availability boost plant growth

Dry humate is a natural soil additive that can work together with soil-safe fertilizers to better soil structure, boost the availability of nutrients to seeds and crops, improve plant growth and vigur, and encourage populations of beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil. 

If we ‘dig in’ further (pardon the pun), we will see how dry humates can work to improve nutrient availability and plant growth — in agriculture, residential lawns, golf greens and fairways. We’ll also learn how the use of dry humates in Manitoba is vital for farmers. 

Dry Humates Improve Nutrient Availability 

Nutrient availability is boosted in several ways by dry humates. 

Humates Regulate The Availability of Nutrients 

The acid in humates can buffer pH levels in the soil, preventing drastic swings. This helps the soil’s biological system retain a carefully balanced pH level inside and outside its bacterial cells. 

A balanced pH is crucial to a successful crop as it regulates the availability of nutrients like phosphorous. It also helps facilitate the turnover of organic matter, which means nutrients will be released later through ongoing turnover. 

Dry Humates Boost Nutrient Retention 

Dry humates can help the soil retain essential nutrients. Soil has both negative charged and positive charged nitrates and other nutrients. Nutrients that hold the same charge can repel one another — much like a magnet — causing these beneficial nutrients to deteriorate. Dry humates can help suspend both of these soil particles in place, consequently halting the deterioration and leaching of beneficial nutrients while making them readily available to the root ball. 

In addition to improving nutrient availability, which goes a long way toward healthy plant growth, dry humates can enhance other necessary growing conditions. 

Dry Humates Can Improve Plant Growth 

It goes without saying that most plants need water to grow and thrive. Humates can significantly improve the soil’s ability to retain moisture. This is highly beneficial to farmers in Manitoba, who can face extended periods of drought. With humates, not only is the plant life bettered, but utility bills can be lowered, too. 

Another boon to using dry humates is that they can help to improve the soil structure. Poor soil structure can see waterlogging, stationary and immobile nutrients, and suffocation at the root ball. Soil with a quality structure is highly beneficial for plant growth. How? Oxygen and water more easily enter and exit the soil bed, improving drainage while reducing the potential for soil erosion — a massive contributor to poor crop emergence, growth, and yield. 

Lastly, dry humates also improve root health, which makes starter fertilizer more available to the seedlings. 

The Bottom Line On Dry Humates 

Supplying your fields with dry humates, either in the seed row or by broadcast application, can go a long way toward improving your farm's soil and plant health. Healthy crops are less susceptible to pests, disease, and environmental stressors — greatly improving not only your yield but also the quality of your crop. 

It is never too late to improve your soil’s growing capabilities. Why not connect with a farm supply store today? You won’t regret it when you see your super soil!

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