9 Ideas to Increase Sales in Your Retail Shop

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The United States is still home to over one million retail stores, even after many recent closures or bankruptcies. In the last couple of years these retail stores have made around $400 billion worth of sales every month.

That’s great and all, but those sales aren’t divided equally over each store. For instance, Walmart alone made a whopping $374.80 billion annually.

Even if you're not dreaming of becoming the next Walmart or Amazon, you still want to make as many sales as you can. Especially if business has been slow or you simply want to grow your store. 

But your retail shop needs to be incredibly competitive. It's a tough market out there with the growing transition to e-commerce and the Covid-19 economic recession.

Ready for some of the best ideas to increase sales in your brick and mortar store? Then let's get this list started so you can boost your in-store traffic and retailer sales ASAP!

1. Get Your Retail Store Listed Online

We'll start off the list with this one considering that 77% of Americans go online every single day. Furthermore, one in four Americans accesses the Internet "almost constantly".

Also, Google says that every month, folks in the U.S. visit 1.5 billion places related to their Google searches. 76% of mobile searchers with "nearby" intent also visit a business the same day.

All that should tell you how getting customers to visit your store relies on them finding you online. That your retail marketing tactics should involve having an online presence.

That said, make sure you list with as many relevant online directories as you can. Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and LinkedIn are the best places to start.

2. Put the Spotlight on Your Bestsellers with Custom Display Cabinetry

Attract even just the passersby with window displays that showcase your bestsellers. Well-organized display shelves and cabinets create an inviting vibe to your store. In fact, studies like this one confirm that window displays can motivate consumers to buy.

You should go the extra mile though and make your cabinets as aesthetic as your products. Custom cabinetry and shelving systems not only look great but improve accessibility too. Plus, since they're custom, you get to choose the exact looks, size, and fit of your storage solutions.

You may want to check out this service to see what your custom cabinetry and shelving options are. 

Displaying all of your best products and deals is essential to increasing retail sales. You should utilize wall brochure holders to promote your specials and partners for additional retailer revenue generation.

3. Furnish Your Retail Shop with For-Comfort Amenities

Speaking of furniture, you should also add a few thoughtful touches to your store. Think comfy seats and coffee tables in a lounge area, so your shoppers can rest their tired feet. They may even regain enough energy to stay in your store longer (which can mean more purchases!).

While you're at it, consider setting up a device charger (like USB ports) in this area too. Your customers will love you for this, especially those with "low battery anxiety". And yes, you read that right -- such a condition exists, and it affects 90% of smartphone users.

4. Boost Your Store’s Curb Appeal

Catch people's interest by displaying a chalkboard with witty messages outside your store. It may be a pun, a quote, a joke, or anything funny or informational. Since you can change the messages, they also work great as signboards for ongoing sales and promos.

Best of all, they're cheap, reusable, and portable. These features make them a great addition to your list of trade event and market stall signage ideas.

Potted plants are also great curb appeal boosters. Not only because they look great, but they also improve our moods. Plus, they can help raise concentration and productivity.

For you and your store staff, this means a potential increase in work output. Whereas potted plants can bring to mind an "oasis" for your customers. They may even feel more productive and shop more of your products!

5. Get Them to Visit with Special In-Store-Only Promos

If you haven't yet, now's the best time to offer e-coupons and online store discounts. Be sure to offer some that shoppers can only redeem through in-store purchases though. This will give them more reason to visit your actual shop.

6. Ensure You Make Those Retail Store Promos Worthwhile

When curating in-store promos and discounts, they should be worth the trip to your shop. After all, your customers will have to travel and spend money on gas or transportation.

So, pay attention to how much savings they can give your customers. Potential savings should be more than what your other online offers can provide. Also, be sure to check out the competition as they may be offering similar deals.

7. Hold Special Events at Your Retail Store

What type of event depends on what your retail market products are. For most retailers though, a great way to start is to offer workshops.

Let's say your store sells beauty and healthcare products. Then you may consider holding makeup classes or skincare lessons.

A good idea for an event in clothing stores is to hold a "runway" show. Make it even more interesting by giving your customers an exclusive look into a new product line. You can hire models or even have your audience join in on the fun of dressing up!

The bottom line is, people like to learn new things, but they love it even better if the information is free. By giving your customers something new to learn, you can increase foot traffic to your store. Just don't forget to give special discounts to attendees, so that you can also boost in-store sales.

8. A Little Something Extra (and Free) Goes a Long Way

A study found that people who got a free $10 voucher experienced a 38% increase in oxytocin levels. Oxytocin, or the "cuddle hormone", is a chemical the body produces when people bond in social events.

Moreover, the study also found that the recipients were 11% happier than those who didn't get any. They also had lower stress levels, and in fact, felt more relaxed.

This doesn’t mean you need to give away $10 to every potential shopper just to get them to buy something from your store. It does, however, show how freebies can make them more interested and likely to make purchases.

This is the law of reciprocity at work. That little something for free you give them can even prompt them to buy more than you expect them to.

Plus, promotional items are a great advertising medium, if your customers use them. That's why you should also consider function when thinking of giveaways. Think tote bags, umbrellas, travel cases, or luggage tags that have your brand on them.

9. Offer Services Related to Your Products

If there's any related service to your products you can offer in-store, go for it. For example, if you have a retail clothing store, consider offering discounted alterations. If you run a phone accessory shop, you may want to offer installation (such as for screen covers) services.


What’s important is to make your store as much of a one-stop-shop as you can. This way, your customers will have fewer reasons to go to another business. After all, it'll be more convenient for them if they can get everything in your store. Being the go-to store for all products and services will increase sales for your retail shop significantly!

Use these Ideas to Increase Sales in Your Retail Store Now

As early as now, put these ideas to increase sales in your brick and mortar store to good use! The sooner you do, the sooner your retail shop’s register will start ringing. Keeping these tips in mind is more important than ever with the growing shift to ecommerce and the Coronavirus pandemic economy.

Want to stay in the loop of the latest in retail marketing? Then bookmark our site’s retail section and don’t forget to check in from time to time!

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