6 Ways To Make Your Ecommerce Brand More Exciting

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Are your marketing efforts falling short? Does your brand need a bit of a revamp? The ecommerce landscape can be a difficult one to navigate, especially when it is already crowded with businesses in the same industry you are. How are you supposed to distinguish yourself from them when everyone is clamoring for customer attention? Consumers are tired of faceless companies or brands that seem too dull. If you want to attract people to your business, you need to give them a bit of what they are not getting elsewhere: excitement. Here are a few ways you can make your brand a more compelling and invigorating one to follow along with: 

Host Contests 

Tailwind reports that Instagram contests receive 3.5 times as many likes as their regular counterparts and 64 times more comments than average. In fact, 91 percent of Instagram posts with over one thousand comments are related to contests. When you host a contest, you are not only piquing people’s interest; you are giving them a tangible incentive to engage with you. Who wouldn’t want the chance to win something just for participating? 

Contests are also avenues for sharing user-generated content. If people are sending you artwork, hashtags, videos, or something else, you can give people a reason to make these things if there’s a chance they can get something out of it. Re-sharing the winning pieces validates their creators and makes them feel acknowledged. 

Teach People Something 

Your content should not only be about sales and what promotions you are running. One way to make your brand more exciting is if people look at you as a resource. For instance, if you sell cooking equipment and recipe books, you can post demonstrations of how to use your products when you actualize a YouTube channel. Instead of only promoting your goods, you can keep people updated on industry trends, new scientific research in food, baking techniques, and more. When people trust you for information, they’ll connect the dots and turn to you for necessary equipment. 

Get Personal 

Alex Williams from DIY Marketers says: “Many brands have become dehumanized and artificial in an attempt to look cool and fun. That’s a big mistake because people actually want a brand that they can relate to… Fun, successful brands don’t have a larger-than-life attitude. They try to get as close to their customers as possible and connect with them on a personal level.” 

In your attempts to make your brand more exciting, remember to define what “exciting” actually means to you and your audience. You don’t need a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to convince people that you are a big deal—instead, what consumers consider exciting is being a part of something; they seek companies that find ways for them to participate and take them seriously. 

Use Chatbots 

Chatbots aren’t for driving traffic to your website from other platforms (it might be a bit odd if you post on Facebook, “Come to our website and talk to our chatbot! It’s neat!), but once people are there, they will appreciate the extra step to make their visit more comfortable and user-friendly. While chatbots are not outright replacements for real customer service representatives, the right ones can handle small tasks efficiently without needing to contact someone first (which is also beneficial for individuals who get anxious speaking with strangers). 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Funny 

Many companies shy away from being funny because they think humor is unprofessional. However, many brands are proving this theory incorrect. Context matters, of course, but Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Moon Pie are particularly adept at witty barbs and exchanging clever banter with customers. As it turns out, people love when these brands get a little sassy because it makes them laugh. These brands are also embracing the fact that there are human beings behind their social media accounts, not faceless robots who only tweet about promotions and how great their products are. 

Partner With Influencers 

Partnering with influencers can give your brand legitimacy and associate it with recognizable names. Traditional celebrities may not be the best route, though—Digital Marketing Institute notes that six in ten teens trust internet influencers over actors and athletes. Hosting events like “takeovers” are great ways to get Instagram views and influencers involved with your marketing efforts. 

You can also give your customers the spotlight. Many people are choosing to trust their peers over influencers, so broadcasting what your audience has to say about your product is an effective way to reach skeptical people and thank your followers for their loyalty. 

Consumers are tired of impersonal monotony—they need a blend of excitement and relatability. What steps will you take to make your brand more engaging?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about strategies to utilize to make your ecommerce store more exciting and profitable.

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