How An Indian Ethnic Wear Store Earned 40% Of Its Store Revenue From Email Marketing In November

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Trendia is an online Indian ethnic wear store that has been in business for about 2 years. The store sells and ships authentic Indian brands to customers from over 25 countries with most of its orders coming in from the US, The UK and Canada. 

The store had one of its best month in terms of sales in November and this blogpost will cover how an ecommerce email marketing agency helped them get there. 

Thanks to the large variety of products, tight supply chains, convenient international shipping, and reasonable prices, Trendia has managed to garner a solid customer case over the years. However, arbitrary policy changes at Facebook, algorithm reshuffles and constantly rising ad costs negatively affect Trendia’s bottomline as a business that’s largely reliant on acquiring new customers through paid means. According to Vijay Karumanchi, CEO and founder, Trendia and serial ecommerce entrepreneur, marketing has been the biggest asset and yet one of the largest pain points for the company. 

The company invests heavily into marketing channels, with Facebook and Google pay per click ads dominating the advertising share. 

Vijay and his team realised soon enough that to succeed in an ecommerce business, they had to expand their footprint beyond just paid marketing and look into other channels of retention and inbound marketing. Other than ramping up their SEO efforts, they also started looking more seriously at email marketing. Even though the in-house marketing team at Trendia had dabbled with email on and off, the effort was not consistent and the emails did not always look fitting for a brand, and the results varied between 5% on average and 15% of total revenue on the best days. 

At this point, Trendia came across Hustler Marketing, a well known ecommerce specialist email marketing agency that has a solid track record and several email marketing success stories of helping over a hundred ecommerce stores increase their revenue by up to 30-50% from email marketing alone. 

Since Trendia had a solid existing list of thousands of customers, they were sitting on a goldmine but just needed Hustler’s retention marketing expertise to extract the gold. 

In November, Hustler Marketing started working with Trendia on a special one-month long project to do Black Friday email marketing campaigns for the store. They planned, designed, wrote, and executed all the campaigns in the period. During this period, the email specialists at Hustler Marketing created over 12 campaigns over a 20 day period which covered days preceding and succeeding Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

The team did a complete design do-over for Trendia store’s email campaigns, focussed on optimising their list, cleaning it, and doing a complete strategy lift for email marketing. The emails itself looked much cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing, and created interest and engagement. 

They also focussed on creating brand-consistent subject lines and copy in the emails that led to an average of 35% Open Rate on Trendia’s email campaigns. 

At the end of the period, Trendia netted 40% of its entire store revenue through email across 3565 orders! While we cannot reveal the exact figures in this post, suffice to say this 7 figure ecommerce store has a lot to thank the power of email marketing and the expertise of Hustler Marketing to harness the best of email marketing for! And thanks to this stupendous success of the limited period campaign project, Trendia ended up giving its whole flow setup mandate to Hustler Marketing who will now be working on setting the 5 most essential email marketing flows for store to take its marketing automation to the next level.

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