6 Essential Kitchen Equipment You Need For Your Restaurant Business

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Before opening your first restaurant business, you have to allocate a budget for startup expenses. These costs include licenses, commercial property leases, human resources, and promotions. In addition, you have to create a list of equipment to provide your kitchen staff with the necessary tools. 

However, you must remember that there is a wide selection of available equipment in local and online stores. If you don't know which kitchen tools are the most efficient, you might buy the wrong ones. As a result, a restaurateur will need to replace them or affect daily operations due to poor item performance. 

To avoid this incident, read this article so you will know which 6 primary pieces of kitchen equipment you need for your restaurant business or food service company. 

1. Freezers 

Refrigerators and freezers are used to store food at a low temperature so you can preserve its taste and freshness. With recent technological advancements, manufacturers develop innovative equipment like a commercial under bench freezer for your kitchen. This advanced technology will help you prevent fresh ingredients from spoiling while increasing valuable restaurant space. 

When choosing a freezer, you have to invest in high-performing ones to avoid dealing with health code regulations due to food poisoning. Thus, you should consider factors like its size, number of doors, condenser placement, energy consumption, and the manufacturer. 

2. Food Processors 

Most customers expect your restaurant staff to serve their orders quickly without sacrificing food quality. Without the right tool, your workers will manually chop fresh ingredients, which is time-consuming and can cause the consumers to leave negative reviews about your business. Fortunately, modern technology like advanced food processors will help them chop, slice, grind, shred, and puree food, which speeds up service. 

When buying food processors, you must consider the bowl capacity, motor power, blade sharpness, attachments, and feeding tube. Also, you must ensure that this appliance can handle challenging tasks, or you’ll risk not combing the ingredients uniformly. 

3. Electric Ranges 

An electric range is another essential piece of equipment for your restaurant kitchen because it is less costly to install and easier to maintain. Additionally, you can ensure that there will be an even distribution in the oven as your staff bakes cakes and pastries. Furthermore, you can minimize the risk of a gas leak or fire incident, which may cause accidents and ruin your reputation. 

When buying electric ranges, you must consider the size of the space you intend to install this kitchen equipment. Also, you must carefully analyze its capacity, functionality, ease of use, reliability, and electric efficiency. 

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4. Cooking Equipment 

Your staff should be able to process food immediately to have a fast turnaround for the orders. Thus, your restaurant will only do that if you supply them with modern cooking equipment that will enable them to deliver food orders quickly. On the other hand, using traditional kitchen tools won’t help them survive large orders, which might affect the service quality. 

When choosing cooking equipment, you must ensure you have enough supplies for items like whisks, spoons, pots, spatulas, and baking pans. In addition, you have to invest in rags, towels, silverware, sheets, Chef's knives, tongs, and other kitchenware. 

5. Ice Maker 

Before serving your customers' orders, most will expect your staff to give them cold water after sitting down. Unfortunately, your employees might not notice that you're running out of extra ice, so they have to wait for hours for the appliance to freeze water. Fortunately, an ice maker is the best solution for this issue because your team will always have ice that will be especially helpful during the busiest seasons. 

When buying an ice maker for your restaurant, you must ensure that it can produce enough ice and is compatible with your plumbing system. Also, you must decide whether you need a modular, under-counter, or countertop ice machine. 

6. Safety Equipment 

You should comply with food hygiene regulations and standards when opening a restaurant business to avoid kitchen-related accidents. Failure to do so may result in bad online reviews, closure, imprisonment, and lost customers. To prevent this incident, you have to invest in safety equipment to protect your clients and staff from harm. 

Essential safety equipment for your restaurant's kitchen includes aprons, hairnets, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. In addition, restaurateurs must provide staff with rubber floor mats and wet floor signs that will warn them about slippery floors to prevent them from slipping. 

Key Takeaways For Restaurants Done Right 

As a restaurant owner, you must provide your staff with the right tools so they can quickly serve your customers' needs. Therefore, these six essential kitchen equipment might help you process food faster. Once you invest in these appliances, you can create satisfying experiences for your consumers, boosting your reputation as a first-rate food service provider.

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