What Two-Way Radios Do Airport Security Use?

what two-way radios do airport security use top secure walkie talkies

Two-way radios are viewed as crucial pieces of equipment for many venues and businesses. Staff across airports rely on two-way radio communication for security purposes and to ensure smooth operation. 

From security and runway staff to retail and hospitality in the airport, the use of two-way radio throughout an airport is essential. Airports must adhere to strict timeframes, which is why two-way radios are utilised. These top 2-way radios provide a fast, efficient and reliable source of communication for staff working at different locations and departments within airlines. 

To ensure the level of security is the highest possible, airport security will use licenced radios. This means that they will have dedicated frequencies to guarantee the security is nott compromised. For this level of protection, an Ofcom licence is required, which is £75 and is valid for 5 years. 

What Are The Best 2-Way Radios That Would Be Used In These Circumstances? 

There are many licenced two-way radios that would be recommended for airport security staff and other security environments. With many different features to choose from depending on the user requirements, it is up to you to decide which modern day Motorola walkie-talkie to buy for your communication needs. 

See the 3 top two-way radios from Motorola recommended by Radio Solutions below: 

1. Motorola DP4800e  

Delivering high-class voice and data communications for users, the Motorola DP4800e two-way radio supplies the full package for business professionals. Featuring a full screen and keypad to provide users with flexible text messaging along with radio operation. 

With a channel capacity of up to 1000, 5 programmable buttons, a lone worker feature and an emergency button, walkie talkie radio users have reliable connectivity all day. 

The Motorola DP4800e is also IP68 rated, so designed to withstand use in extreme conditions. 

2. Motorola DP4400e 

The DP4400e by Motorola is a powerful and robust device designed for durable use. Providing up to 28 hours of battery life to ensure all-day coverage. The many features of the Motorola DP4400e radios include; 32 channels, an emergency button, lone worker, transmit interrupt, an IP68 rating and also 3 programmable buttons. 

More options are available in the DP4401e radio, such as Location Tracking, Man down and Wi-Fi. 

3. Motorola ION 

Not only a two-way radio, but the Motorola ION is also a Push to Talk over Cellular (PTTOC) device. PTTOC operates over cellular networks and broadband, so users can be connected across all platforms. Operating on the Android platform, this hybrid device will allow users to take photos, videos and use apps for jobs such as; scanning, ticketing and collaborating. 

This secure multimedia device eliminates the need for users to carry around additional equipment. That makes this option is ideal for the security sector, which may need additional communication features. 

Top Two-Way Radios With Smart Security

Radio Solutions offer all of the best two-way radios recommended for the security sector. All of which are commonly used by airport security staff. As a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner, we are able to offer expert advice and fantastic prices. 

Get in touch with the team on 01745 335811, who will be happy to discuss your secure two-way radio requirements. Call now to find the right radios!

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