6 Ideas To Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

ideas make trade show booth display stand out

An interactive trade show display is a great way to attract and connect with prospective customers. However, when you go to a trade show, you will realize that there are a lot of businesses showcasing their products or services. The key is to make your stand appealing so that people visit it. In the planning process, come up with the goals you want to achieve? That can guide you on the best ways to display your brand. Here are some #1 trade show displays ideas that can help you draw traffic to your boost and interact with the audience. 

1. Offer A Virtual Reality Experience 

One of the most effective ways to make your booth stand out is through a virtual reality experience. And while it may look complex, it is not as hard as most people assume. You can create simple virtual reality content as long as it is in brand. Even a simple video of a tour of your business premises will do. With VR becoming popular by the day, there are many software tools that companies can use to create content. This will help create a lasting impression and will likely get you more customers. 

2. Giveaways 

Everyone likes giveaways. You can offer a few prizes to draw visitors to your stand and collect their contact information, allowing you to continue marketing through email and text messages. For instance, if you are selling a phone, inform visitors that they can enter the draw to win a phone by registering. And since lucky winners will be notified by email, you get the chance to collect customer information. However, once you have managed to capture the attention of a customer, ensure they can see the value of your products so that even if they do not win, they will still want to use your products. 

3. Provide Charging Stations 

More than 90% of the people attending a trade show will be using their phones frequently. However, there are usually few charging outlets compared to the number of people who will need to charge their phones at some point. Offering a charging station at your booth will drive a lot of visitors towards it. And as they wait for their phones to charge, you can take the opportunity to talk to them about your brand. Even if they do not buy your product, then you will have created a brand awareness where customers can look for you another time. And by working with the best SEO company, you can also ensure your business ranks at the top, allowing potential customers to find you easily. 

4. Use Games 

You can also attract people to your booth through games. It makes your booth exciting, and more people will want to spend time there. For instance, use social media contests, gaming apps, or virtual prizes wheels. Ask questions regarding your industry or the event going on. With so much excitement around your booth, you will have managed to attract the attention of many visitors. 

5. Inspire Online Conversations 

As much as trade show displays are about face-to-face interactions, they can also provide the opportunity to interact with potential customers through social media platforms. This will help promote long-lasting connections, and you can also reach people beyond your event. For instance, start a hashtag and motivate people attending the event to talk about it. You can incentivize them by offering giveaways. 

6. Photo Booths 

Everyone loves taking photos. So, take advantage of this and design a unique backdrop that reflects your brand. You can also have fun props or customize the photo strips with the company’s logo. Photo booths give you a competitive advantage as many visitors will be lining up to use them at your expo booth

Trade Show Time

When planning a trade show, do your research early. If it is your first trade show, check what other companies have been doing. Use great ideas like the ones mentioned above, and you will manage to attract visitors to your trade show booth.

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