4 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Poly Bags Online

things consider buying custom poly bags online business branded bag

If you run an ecommerce business or need custom packaging for your products, investing in poly bags is definitely a smart move. Poly bags protect your items while providing a professional look for your brand. But with so many types and sizes of poly bags on the market, it can be tricky to select the right option. 

Here are four important things to consider when buying custom poly bags online. 

1. Material Thickness 

One of the first things to think about is material thickness, measured in mil. A mil is 1/1000 of an inch, so a 3 mil poly bag has a thickness of 0.003 inches. Typical thicknesses range from 1 mil to 6 mil. Thinner 1-2 mil bags are lightweight and economical. Medium 3-4 mil bags offer more durability. Thick 5-6 mil bags provide the most protection and can hold heavier items

Consider what you will be packaging to determine the ideal thickness. Fragile items of course need thicker bags, while soft goods can go in thinner bags. Also, consider bag clarity. Thicker bags tend to be more opaque. If visibility is important, then definitely go with thinner, transparent poly. 

2. Bag Style And Size 

Next, consider the bag style you need. Gusseted poly bags have folded side seams allowing the bag to expand. These work well for bulkier items. Side seam flat poly bags don't expand and are better for flatter goods. 

You will also find poly bags with features like hanging holes, suffocation warning prints, tamper-evident seals, and reclosable zipper strips for re-sealing. If your product requires special handling like garments or medical supplies, there are poly bags designed specifically for those uses. 

Pay attention to bag dimensions as well so you don't end up with bags that are too small or large. Common sizes range from 2 x 3 inches up to 12 x 15 inches or larger. Measure your products and their packaging to determine the minimum bag size needed. 

3. Design And Branding 

Custom poly bags offer a great opportunity to showcase your brand or personal style. When choosing a design, consider the color, texture, and graphics that best represent your image. 

Make sure to check the resolution and print quality of the design to ensure that it appears crisp and clear on the finished product. Also, pay attention to the placement of the design elements, such as logos or text, to ensure that they are centered and symmetrical. 

Finally, determine if you want custom printing on your poly bags. Custom-printed bags contribute to professional branding. You can print logos, website addresses, product details, suffocation warnings, prepaid postage, and more. 

4. Quantity And Pricing 

It goes without saying that you should consider the quantity and pricing of your custom poly bags. Depending on your needs, you may require a small or large batch of bags, so it is essential to choose a supplier that offers flexible ordering options

Check for any discounts or promotions that may be available for bulk orders, and compare prices across different suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Keep in mind that higher quantities often result in lower costs per unit, so it is worth considering ordering a few extra bags to have on hand for future use. 

Order Custom Poly Bags For Your Business 

Choosing the right custom poly bags may seem complicated initially. Following these guidelines will ensure you select cost-effective bags suited for your products. Properly packaged goods lead to happier customers and reflect well on your business’s brand.

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