How To Be Memorable To Customers: Custom Mailer Boxes

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When you come home to find a package by the front door, are you more excited to see one branded with your favorite online store, knowing that you’ve received that order you’ve been waiting for not-so-patiently? We thought so! 

You can create that same excitement about your brand with custom mailer boxes. Emotion for and recognition of a brand go a long way toward building a thriving business that customers cannot wait to share with others. Positive word-of-mouth advertising is the most influential marketing a brand can generate, and custom mailer boxes may be able to help. 

The Second First Impression 

Your new customer's first impression was your website or maybe your catalog. Perhaps it was your social media account. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, but that isn’t always the case. 

When that customer receives their order, you have another opportunity to emphasize your business standards and ideals. From more discreet packaging to on-off orders to subscription boxes, your packaging is the perfect canvas to display your brand and market your product. 

Brand-Consistent Packaging 

Custom mailer boxes have several pieces that can all be customized to create a unique and memorable unboxing experience for your customer: the outer packaging, the inner packaging, and the product packaging. 

You have worked hard to create consistent branding, from your business cards to your Tweets to your company hats. Your brand’s marketing conveys your values, but, more importantly, you are recognizable. Now that you are creating custom mailer boxes, solid branding is just as important.

The Unboxing Experience 

The second first impression is, ultimately, the unboxing experience. The extra effort you put into creating the perfect custom mailer boxes will lead to the excitement of receiving a package from your company. That excitement is one that customers will want to repeat again and again and will want to share with others. 

The Outer Packaging 

How your customer feels as they open that custom mailer box begins before they even cut the tape. When they see the outer packaging and immediately recognize your brand, they are excited to have received their order. If they didn’t place the order and it was a gift, this is an even more joyous experience for them just because of that branding. 

A Perfectly Sized Box 

Unfortunately, it’s becoming commonplace to receive a huge box that confuses us because we didn't order anything nearly that big, only to find a small item inside. It’s disappointing to know how much was wasted, not only in excess packaging but also in shipping costs and time. 

When we receive a box that is perfectly sized to the contents inside, we know the company took the extra effort to ensure their items fit correctly and were safe during shipping. It shows professionalism and accuracy, which we then associate with the brand. 

Using Inserts And Dividers 

The inner packaging is the next step in your customer’s unboxing journey. How are their items presented to them? With custom inserts and dividers, they can be protected during shipping, held securely in place, and be front and center as soon as they open the box. 

Dividers explicitly designed for your products and box sizes can help you make the most use of every box and save on shipping costs while protecting products during transport. Inserts can share your logo, slogan, and other important information about your brand or purchased products. 

Adding Your Extras 

Don’t let the custom mailer box and your product be the only thing speaking for your brand. Including extras such as surprise samples, stickers, discount referral cards, printed instructions, or a newsletter help to add a personal touch and may also help encourage your newly impressed customer to share their excitement with others. 

You Are Eco-Friendly So Share It 

Most custom mailer boxes are made from primarily recycled materials and are also recyclable. Because your boxes are a perfect size and you are not wasting time or other resources in shipping unnecessarily, you are also reducing your environmental impact. Customers love to know they support eco-friendly businesses, so make sure your mailer boxes let them know. 

Getting Started With Custom Mailer Boxes 

If you already have graphics for your mailer boxes, it’s easy to get started. Your marketing or media arts team may be able to design something perfect for your brand, or you may also be able to outsource the task to an experienced graphic artist. 

Fortunately, templates are available as well. This can make the process of creating custom mailer boxes even easier. Experienced packaging experts can help design the ideal shipping solution for your business. 

Make That Second First Impression A Memorable One 

You can make your business stand out from the crowd with custom mailer boxes for the perfect packages. The next time they need an item you offer, yours will be the first brand they think of because of that fantastic second first impression you made with memorable shipping boxes.

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