5 Considerate Christmas Gifts To Get Your Clients

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Christmas is a time when you can get presents for family members and friends, assuming they celebrate the holiday. However, you can also leverage the event in your professional life. 

Let’s say you own or operate a company that tries to establish personal relationships with clients. A client might order thousands of dollars of items from you. They may buy from you regularly if they feel like you value them and you can provide what they need every time. 

Getting them Christmas gifts is one way to show them that you want to keep them as a client for years to come. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the 5 best corporate gift ideas you can get for your more valuable customers. 

1. A Succulent Garden Or Terrarium 

Corporate Christmas gifts show your clients you care, but you also need to decide on something that will send the right message. To do that, it helps to try and get to know each client as well as you can. 

Talk to them whenever you get a chance, and turn on the charm. If you can get them to reveal anything about their personal life, that can help you pick a gift that you feel confident they will love. 

Maybe a client mentions that they like gardening and growing things. Many individuals enjoy gardening as a hobby, and you can certainly leverage that at Christmas time if a client mentions it. 

You can buy them a small terrarium or succulent garden they can take home, or else they can keep it in their office. You can make sure that it comes with instructions and that it’s easy for the client to look after. It’s a bit of an unusual gift and more thoughtful than most of the others you’ll find. 

2. A High-End Watch 

If you value a client and want to do all you can to retain them, you should have no problem dropping some serious money on them. You might decide to get them a nice watch from Omega, Patek Phillipe, Rolex, or Audemars Piguet. 

Those watches don’t come cheap, but if you get one for a client, especially one you personalize with a nice statement talking about your friendship or how much you value them, that should score you some major points. They will probably think about your company every time they look at the watch. 

3. High-End Electronics 

Very few people don’t like fancy electronics, and that’s one direction you might go if you’re not sure what to get a valued client. Maybe you will get them a new mouse for their desktop if you know they have one. You can get them some of the best noise-canceling headphones, or maybe they’ll want the latest iPhone instead. 

Maybe you will get them a new soundbar or an entertainment system they can install in their office or their home. You might get them some new speakers if they mention they like music and you talk about your favorite bands with them. 

If you know they like electronics and gadgets, but you’re not quite sure what to get them, you might also buy them a gift card so they can make their own selections. You might get them a new camera if you know they like photography. 

Electronics and gadgets make great corporate gifts because, presumably, the person will continue using them for a long time, and they will think of you and your company every time they do. 

4. Travel Kits 

Maybe you have a client who you know travels around a lot. Some people love traveling, but others don’t like it so much if they do it for work all the time. They might not enjoy spending nearly every night in a different city. 

You can get this client a travel kit that will make their journeys as comfortable as possible. Some high- end companies make travel kits, and you can get some very fancy ones if you look around for them. 

You might get one that comes with plenty of space for larger toiletries. You can get one that comes with a hanging bag that will keep your client’s clothes from wrinkling as they fly about the country. You might get them either a smaller one for shorter trips or a larger version for longer ones. 

You will probably want a stylish one that also stands up to a lot of use. The best ones are usually big enough to fit a full-size shaving cream bottle, a full-size shampoo bottle, a makeup palette, etc. 

5. The Coffee Lover’s Gift Set 

Many clients will probably enjoy coffee. It is the caffeinated way to start the day, and very few people don’t drink it. You can give your client a coffee lover’s gift set from a reputable brand. 

You can get ones that include a ceramic mug, a travel mug, some different coffee selections, and possibly other things as well, like biscuits or cookies. If you have a client who does not like coffee so much, maybe you can get them a tea one instead. You can find some that come with many different teas, a strainer, and a reusable cup.

Other Options For Great Christmas Gifts

If you think about it, you can probably come up with all kinds of other Christmas gifts that your clients might like. You might have to think hard, but you can probably find an appropriate one for each customer if you have taken some time to get to know them. 

If you don’t like any of the client gift ideas we have mentioned so far, you might go with a charging station for their phone. You can get them a Bluetooth speaker or yoga gift set that comes with a yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle. 

A set of lowball glasses might work as holiday gifts, or you might explore getting them a sleeping mask to wear on long plane rides. They can put on the mask and catch a nap if they ever take the redeye.

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