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After the bed, a dresser is the second most important purchase for your bedroom. Having storage to keep your clothes neatly tucked away keeps your room from becoming a disaster zone. Closets work for those garments you want to hang up, but what about the other items that need to be folded? 

Choosing a dresser to fit your needs depends on a few factors. One of them is what you intend to store in the drawers. Knowing the different types of styles eases the selection process. If you have bulky items, you’ll need a dresser with deep-set drawers. If you don’t have too many items that need to be put away, then a chest of drawers is the best fit. They are typically smaller in size with three drawers and make a great choice for a child's room. 

Standard-sized dressers have six average-sized drawers or four deep ones. Bureaus are designed similarly, but mirrors can be attached back of them. They both have plenty of surface space for easy access to those personal items you use daily. Or you can use the surface to display framed photos and other decorations to show off your stylishness. 

Tall dressers, or tallboys, are best when there isn’t much floor space but plenty of room vertically. They usually have four to six drawers and not much surface space as a bureau or standard dresser. But if you already have a larger piece and require more storage, then moving a tallboy into the room will solve that problem. It’s also a great addition if you’re sharing the room with someone and need more drawers. 

After you’ve chosen the right option for your space, it’s time to make sure it fits other aspects of your lifestyle. For instance, if you don't have room for a nightstand and dresser, place a chest of drawers next to the bed. If part of your routine is to check yourself out while you’re getting dressed, then a bureau with a mirror is an obvious choice. 

Once you know the kind of dresser you need, it’s time to consider its placement. Take a long look around the room and become familiar with its natural characteristics. Where are the windows, entrance, and walkways? What about closet doors? You don’t want the dresser to obstruct the sunlight or constrict your movement around the bedroom. 

Now, it’s time to find the best deal, and with the prices, most retailers are charging, it may feel impossible to get the dresser you want. However, 1Stop Bedrooms has a large selection of more affordable bedroom dressers, many under $500. You’ll also find sale items with markdowns of up to 75% off the already low cost. 

Because they deal directly with the manufacturer to get your furniture to you, 1Stop doesn’t have overhead costs to pass on to you. Instead, you can save big and receive free shipping on your order. So why wait to purchase this fantastic frugal furniture? Visit their site today and find the perfect dresser for your master bedroom space or guest rooms. 

It's time you slept in style without your bedroom furnishings breaking the bank or your budget. Start dressing up your bedrooms with top frugal dressers!

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