How To Get Rid Of A Tree Stump

how to get rid of a tree stump removal stumps grinding vs other methods

Cutting down trees may not be the ultimate dream of a "go green" enthusiast, but it isn't always bad. There are many reasons to get rid of a tree. For example, if a particular tree species is harmful to other species, it needs to be taken down to protect many other species of flora and fauna in the area. Other times the tree is dead or dying and poses a threat to people, cars, homes, or power lines if it falls. If you don't remove the tree, you could be liable for damages done to other people or property. Either way, once you cut off the major portion of the trunk, you are still left with a stump. Today we'll be looking at how to get rid of that part.

A tree stump is the bottom part of the tree left after it is cut or falls down in a storm, including the roots that are usually under the ground. Of course, some people leave the stump as it is. But there are several reasons why you should have your tree stump removed. First, however, there are many ways you can get rid of stumps. 

One popular and effective way is to reduce the stump to mulch. This action is performed by a machine called a stump grinder. A predator stump grinder only takes a couple of hours to get rid of the stump completely. With this top piece of machinery, you can convert that pesky old tree stump into beautiful mulch or wood chips that you can use for your yard or property landscaping.

How Does Stump Grinding Work? 

The first step is to mark the area where the tree stump is located. Expert tree caretakers usually contact local authorities to know what is underneath the ground. It could be water pipes, gas pipelines, or electrical cables. Usually, their route is then spray painted so that the stump grinding causes no damage. 

A stump grinder has heavy circular saws that cut through the wood and chop it into tiny pieces. The operator always wears personal protective equipment to guard themselves against any stray debris. Usually, if it is not isolated, the area is also covered with a sheet to block debris from hitting any nearby person or thing. 

Sometimes, the tree stump is too near to an underground pipeline. In such cases, the stump is grounded only on a base level. Meanwhile, the rest of the material is chainsawed or dug out manually. 

The 3 Other Ways To Remove A Tree Stump 

1. Manual Removal With Hand Tools

If your tree stump is small and only a few feet deep, you can remove it with frugal handheld tools. Take a shovel and dig a small hole under the stump. This will reveal its roots. You can use pruning shears or loppers to cut large stump roots. Finally, use your weight and gravity to uproot the entire thing from the ground. This is usually the cheapest but most labor intensive option of tree stump removal.

2. Remove Chemically 

Substances like potassium nitrate are used as ‘stump killers.’ This process requires you to dig a hole in the stump, put potassium nitrate in it, and add water. This chemical increases the decaying process of your tree stump. Potassium nitrate is not poisonous, but it causes minor irritation to the eyes and skin if exposed. Therefore, keep children and pets away from it and the tree stump and wear gloves along with safety goggles during chemical application. 

Also keep in mind that this process does take 1-2 months or potentially longer if it's a large tree stump, and you still have to do some removal manually.

3. Burn It To Ash

An quick and easy but extremely dangerous step is to light the stump on fire. Douse the tree stump with kerosene or petrol and let it burn. However, it is extremely inadvisable because of the risks involved with it. This is especially unwise choice if there are other trees, homes, or property near the stump you are looking to burn. You should also ensure that there is nothing flammable or combustible anywhere near the stump.

We do not advise using this option under most circumstances, especially just for landscaping purposes! Do this at your own risk and also consider it risky for anyone around the tree stumps. 

Trump The Stump 

Don't let that pesky tree stump become a pain in your rump. Use these top tactics above to remove tree stumps quickly and safely.

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