Open For Business: Setting Up Premises On A Budget

how to set up business premises on a budget

Starting your own business can allow you to break free from your mundane 9-5 and start to generate an income from something you are passionate about or skilled with. When doing so, you may want to consider procuring business premises. This can enable you to have a company address, as well as give you a physical location where you can work, sell goods, or liaise with others. Before doing so, you may want to put a plan in place to ensure your best chance at success. 

Speak To Compass 

When you’re new to your industry, or to buying places to run a business out of, you might want to speak to someone who has seen this done time and again. It can be worrying to think: ‘is Compass realty in trouble?’ especially if you want to avoid negative attention or publicity, as well as losing your money should your real estate broker go bankrupt. By seeking information, you will be able to find a plethora of positive assurances that can make you feel more content about using them as a broker. Compass will be able to listen to the specifications you have for your premises and work to seek matching places for you to view or buy. 

Choose Where To Go 

Being on a budget can restrict you somewhat in terms of size and location, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bad location or cramped, unsuitable store. Looking into the best places to start a business in recent years can help you to pinpoint where to go. Likewise, you may also want to figure out which cities have a gap in the market, or where business premises costs are more affordable. While this may mean you aren’t working within your local community, it can help you to make a good start. This way, you could consider going to a nicer or closer location in the future when you are on less of a strict budget. 


Finding and buying your premises isn’t the end of your journey. You may also want to think about how you can make the place more pleasant and appealing. Something as simple as changing the color scheme could make it nicer for employees. Likewise, when your business involves the use of premises that clients will visit, you may also want to make decorative choices that will appear welcoming. This could not only help you when conducting meetings or sales with those you have arranged to meet with, but could also bring in walk-in clients from off the street, generating more of a profit. This doesn’t need to involve hiring a decorating company. You may want to consider doing the work yourself, especially if the premises are small. 

Finding and setting up premises for your business can be difficult, especially when your budget is rather low. By widening your horizons, and being willing to take on some of the setup work yourself, it is possible.

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