How To Get A Business Premises Ready For Clients

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When most entrepreneurs hire their first office space, the layout probably isn’t going to be ideal for the operation. With that in mind, it’s sensible for business owners to undertake some adjustments and perform some renovations. The issue is that most people don’t have a clue where to start, and they don’t have much time on their hands. For that reason, this article was published to offer assistance and ensure company bosses don’t forget anything important. 

So when all’s said and done, entrepreneurs need to create a space that’s functional and stylish. They also need to do everything possible to make the office as attractive and comfortable as possible for those critical client meetings. Just consider some of the tips below, and then put them into action.

Ensure The Office Has Suitable Heating & Cooling Solutions 

Nobody wants to spend time in an office that is too hot or too cold. Considering that, entrepreneurs need to invest in appropriate solutions that will help to regulate temperature. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t work, get a new one! The same goes for the boiler that provides heat for the radiators. In most instances, those purchases are not going to break the bank, but they will make the office environment seem a little more inviting than it did. To avoid having to face that expense again in the future, it’s sensible to: 

• Pay for maintenance checks every twelve months 
• Keep on top of any repair work 
• Avoid the cheapest products on the market 
• Use smart technology to monitor and control the devices 

Some business owners might also choose to invest in triple-glazing windows if they want to reduce their energy bills. Those items tend to help maintain the required temperature in almost any space. 

Paint The Walls In Neutral Colors 

All company bosses should notice that offices tend to follow a particular pattern when it comes to decoration. People who want to fit in with other businesses should opt to paint their walls in neutral colours. That is an excellent move because anything too bright or vibrant could lower productivity. The idea is to create a space where there are no distractions for workers to perform their duties. Of course, some people like to think outside of the box and try something unusual. However, if the goal is to make the room seem appealing and familiar to clients, neutral shades are the way forwards. The most popular are often: 

• White Beige 
• Light grey 
• Baby blue 
• Light yellow 

It’s worth asking team members who work in the space which shade they would prefer, and maybe even posing the question to a couple of clients or customers who come for meetings. Source 

Design the perfect meeting space for clients 

The area in which company owners meet with their buyers could make or break business deals. So, it’s vital to get the design right and ensure the room contains all the requirements. Firstly, entrepreneurs will have to consider the size and shape of the space. They will then have to invest in the largest table possible with those measurements in mind. For whatever reason, people tend to feel impressed when they’re sitting around a big table. It’s also essential that attendees are made to feel as comfortable as possible. So, lay some carpet to give the room a cozy atmosphere. When designing the perfect meeting room, it’s important to: 

• Consider the needs of the client 
• Choose the best table configuration 
• Think about suitable lighting solutions 
• Provide amenities 
• Keep the design consistent 
• Ask for staff input 

Anyone who needs some inspiration just needs to perform a Google image search. There are thousands of photographs of meeting rooms online from which entrepreneurs can take some inspiration. 

Use Inter-Office Chat Software To Limit Movement 

The last thing any business owner wants is to welcome clients into a busy office where workers spend most of their time walking around. Company bosses who allow that will present an untidy image of their operations. Also, solving the problem is quick and easy thanks to modern technology. In the office environment, people only have to leave their desks to share information with their colleagues. So, search online for the best inter-office chat software available on the market. Install the program on the company’s network as soon as possible, and employees should no longer have a reason to leave their workstations. The benefits of tools like that include: 

• Less movement in the office 
• The ability to share information instantly 
• A quieter working environment for all 
• Bosses can monitor conversations

Install A Video Calling Facility 

We are living in the digital age, and so it’s important to remember that a lot of meetings take place online these days. Companies tend to work with customers and clients from all over the world. So, they require a reliable internet connection before anything else. However, sensible business owners will install a video calling facility in their meeting rooms. The products are devices requires aren’t going to break the bank. Still, there are plenty of software packages available that make the process easy. Entrepreneurs who take that advice could: 

• Hold group meetings using the internet 
• Communicate face to face with people all over the world 
• Cut back on communication costs (international phone calls are expensive) 

People who want to find the best video calling tools just need to perform some research online. There are plenty of specialists out there that can provide everything the business owner requires. In most instances, those firms will also setup the equipment and show the entrepreneur how to use it efficiently. 

Don’t Forget Those Coffee And Tea Machines! 

There is no getting away from the fact that people meeting at business offices will need refreshments. Indeed, so will many of the staff during their working day. It’s sensible to invest in a hot drinks machine that anyone in the office can use when they get thirsty. However, it’s also worth buying an upmarket version of that product for the meeting space. Clients will feel impressed if the business owner can provide them with a vast choice of different drinks. That should also help to make the individual feel a little more relaxed than they otherwise would have done. 

Creating the right atmosphere is critical when trying to negotiate a deal. People will always get better results if they provide some creature comforts. Other product ideas for the meeting room include: 

• Mini fridges 
• Snack cabinets 
• Small desk gadgets 

Improve The Exterior Of The Building 

Human beings are materialistic creatures, and they’ll often form their first impressions within only a couple of seconds. That means some clients might take a dislike to the company after only seeing their office from the car park. Considering that, it’s sensible to perform some renovations to the building’s exterior. Some useful ideas might include: 

• Hanging business signs 
• Giving the building a new coat of paint 
• Jet washing the brickwork 
• Cleaning the drains 
• Installing an automatic door 
• Planting some flowers around the entrance or other landscaping finishing touches.

While company bosses will probably want to pay specialists to undertake those jobs, it’s much cheaper to manage the process in-house. For that reason, entrepreneurs should buy any materials at the very least. They then only have to cover the cost of labor. Drain jetter devices are not going to break the bank, and neither will some outdoor paint. The only suggestion on that list that might require a substantial investment is the automatic door. Still, there are always ways in which anyone can reduce spending if they shop around.

Invest In Comfortable Seating 

All business owners need to invest in comfortable seating solutions for their employees and clients. It’s sensible to avoid the cheapest products on the market and go for items that are built to last. Also, consider taking a look at chairs that use an ergonomic design. Those products are often the best choice because they can: 

• Enable people to sit comfortably for longer 
• Reduce the chances of back pain 
• Tend to stay in working order for longer than other models due to their improved design. 

Once entrepreneurs get the right seating solutions for their offices and meeting rooms, clients should feel impressed the moment they walk through the door. There are lots of specialist sellers of ergonomic furniture these days, and so people won’t have to look far to find the most suitable designs. 

Whatever happens during the coming months, new business owners should take advantage of the tips and advice in this article. Most entrepreneurs don’t like to share information, and they don’t want to give competitors their secrets. However, today, readers have gained an in-depth insight into office and meeting room design. Put the ideas into practice, and people should notice a vast improvement in results this year. 


If anyone wants to go a step further, they could ask clients to complete a short questionnaire after leaving their premises. That is often the best way to discover issues other workers might have overlooked. Also, it shows the individual that the company is doing everything possible to improve and succeed. Thanks for reading!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about your business premise and how to get it ready for clients, customers, and profitable partners.

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