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In this modern age that we live, we are all connected through our mobile devices just about everywhere that we go, which means that emails are read on the go for both pleasure and also for business. As such, you will want to exploit this and help to engage with your customers to increase your sales and interactions, which is a good way to help your business grow and prosper

You can find some excellent information on the subject on various resources, as well as continue to read some of the ways you can use your email signature (e-signature) to promote your business below. 

Have An Active Promotion On Your E-Signature 

As well as conveying a message to the recipient in the text of the email, you can also increase interaction with your email by promoting things in your business email signature. There are many things which can be highlighted in your e-signature such as; 

• Social Networks 
• Videos and Images 
• News and Offers 
• Events 
• Reports 

You will need to identify with your customers and find out what they react to in your emails. You can try using an email signature creator and play around with this using a variety of different layouts. You will want to trial different designs and see which ones get the biggest response and use this information to fine-tune your email signature. The testing process can take some time before you find the best layout to use, but it is worth the time and effort to do so as your marketing campaigns will become much more successful. 

Supply Relevant Information In Your E-Signature

When you choose to have a professional looking email signature, you also have the perfect opportunity to supply your customers with additional information about you and your company. You can provide things such as out of hours support information, requesting a demo or quote, or an overview of your products or services in your email signature which will help the recipient to know who you are, and what you what makes up your company. Listen to your customers and ask them what they want you to supply them with and you will be able to create an email signature that stands out from your competitors and helps to enforce your brand and increase recognition. 

Keep Your Email Signature Consistent 

It is important that no matter how big or small your company is that you maintain a consistent email signature throughout your organization. It is possible that if all of your employees are connected through a network that the person responsible for your IT will be able to change all signatures easily making sure that they are consistent throughout your company. Doing so will also help to enforce your brand and bring it in line with all of your other marketing strategies. 

Market Your Business With An E-Signature

Many companies overlook the importance of their email signatures, so if you want to stay ahead of the competition look at ways to get one step ahead and market your business through your email signature and complement the other techniques that you also use.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to use your email signature to better market your small business or startup. 

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