6 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid For Better Results

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No matter what type of company you are running or what industry you are in, incorporating email marketing into your marketing campaign can help you get most out of your marketing efforts. There is a misconception among many marketers and business owners that email marketing is dead. This is not the case but we make some awful mistakes that ruin your email campaign. 

So, if you want to take your existing email marketing strategy to the next level or just want to get started with a fresh one, review and right the 6 below-listed email marketing mistakes to get desired outcomes. 

1. Not Properly Building Your Email List Database 

The very first and foremost element of a successful email marketing campaign is having addresses to email. You can start and grow with an existing list of email contacts. There are numerous ways to build and grow email lists such as you can add an email newsletter sign up feature on the business website, use sign up call-to-action on Facebook business page, export LinkedIn contacts or ask your existing customers to invite people to subscribe your email list. 

Never buy fake email lists as they don’t worth your money and can harm your email campaign badly. In case you've got an email list, it won't hurt to check it for abandoned or invalid emails by running it through an email verifier. Always send emails to people you know personally or who are your email newsletter subscribers as they are interested in getting something useful from your side and are more likely to read and respond to your emails.

2. Going In Without An Email Marketing Plan 

Getting started with an email marketing strategy is sounds like traveling towards an unknown destination without having a map. Set clear goals for your emails and figure out what to write in your emails to get them opened by the recipients. For instance, when looking for clients as a digital marketer, you should provide your subscribers with useful tips on how they can rank their sites higher in search engines. When they will find something problem solving from your side, they will definitely love to avail of your services if they are unable to do something effectively on their own. The use of a content calendar is also a great idea to send emails in a productive manner to keep potential and existing customers engaged without making them overwhelmed with useless content. 

3. Creating Tedious Email Subject Lines 

The subject line is the very first thing that your recipients see about your email. That’s why subject lines are considered as a crucial aspect of a result-driven email marketing campaign. According to 50% of consumers, the subject line is the only thing that induces them to open and read an email. The rest of the 50% of users are inclined to open emails from senders they know and trust. Email subject line is your first impression and you should make it appealing. Create an irresistible subject line for your email and don’t over-promise with your prospects. There are so many tools that can be used to create enticing subject lines but you should always see what works great for your subscribers. 

4. Writing Emails Hurriedly 

Emails written hurriedly often come with errors and irrelevant content. That is the reason you are failed to get the desired results. You should keep your email content most relevant and short as well. Great emails usually consist of 250 words or less as they are easy to read and understand. Set aside more time than you think is enough for writing emails and test your copy again and again to check its effectiveness. Create multiple drafts and have an industry expert to get feedback regarding all your drafts to choose the best one. 

5. Not Including An Enticing Call-To-Action 

Sending your subscribers with a formal ‘hello’ or other content for no reason does not add value to their life and also useless for your business until you add an easy to understand and enticing call to action. Your emails should have a purpose and include a clear call to action. Let the readers clearly know what you want them to do and how they should be doing. An email without a clear CTA is inoperable for your business. 

6. Emails Not Optimized For Mobile Devices 

As most of us are using desktops while creating marketing email messages and everything looks awesome on these devices. But you shouldn’t send emails so fast even without checking their viewability on mobile devices. Make sure to avoid an email marketing mistake and check how your emails look from different mobile devices. 

Be quick to make necessary changes if needed to your emails. As more and more people are using their mobile to check their emails, you should optimize your emails for mobile devices to make them easy to view and read on smartphones and tablets. For this purpose, you can send a ready email to your colleagues who are using different email services and different mobile devices. 

Email Marketing Made Easy 

When it comes to email marketing, it's easy to achieve excellence. Simply have an email marketing strategy and avoid email marketing mistakes while you keep things going and growing. Email marketing can be easy if you avoid common errors and have a game plan!

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