Some Of The Useful Mobile Apps That Are Worth Downloading

top useful mobile apps worth downloading linkedin application

We are now living in a generation where technology is everywhere, and people use it every day, especially our smartphones. We use our smartphones to listen to music, watch videos, play mobile games, and even talk to other individuals by using social media platforms. 

Another thing is that smartphones make our lives more accessible. Thankfully, many apps are capable of achieving that. You carry this gadget with you always, so why not allow it to make our life easier? So here are some of the useful mobile apps that are worth downloading. 


LinkedIn is a site for social networking that is made for the business community. The app’s objective is to allow its members to establish and document networks of individuals that they know and professionally trust. 

The profile page of a member should emphasize their skills, show their education and employment history, and contains the news feed for professional network and a few customizable modules. 

LinkedIn’s basic membership is free. The members of the network are also known as “connections.” Unlike the other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, this site requires connections to have an actual relationship. You can always check out about the LinkedIn app to know more details. 


Most of the PCalc users would agree that this app is a better choice as it can do so much more. This application is best for programmers, engineers, scientists, and even students who need a feature-rich calculator for their Apple gadgets. 

If you access the PCalc on your mobile phone, you can access the necessary calculations. It also allows you to perform many other things such as converting units, trig/log, functions, a paper tape, support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations, an optional RPN mode, scientific and engineering notation, and even constants. One of its best features is its broad set of unit conversion. 


Aside from other messaging apps, Glide is for individuals who want to have a different experience in making video calls from their smartphones, and this is the perfect application for you. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed this app on your smartphone, you will begin to receive or even watch videos on the go. 

Aside from the videocalls that the Glide application showcases, it also allows its users to access your message history, send back audio, perform auto playback, and even allows you to record video with the help of its front-facing camera. Make sure that before you install this app, your smartphone should have a built-in speaker for this feature to function. 

Things 3 

This app is perfect for people who occasionally forget things and events who want to make sure that they keep track of their daily routines, essential dates, and special occasions, this mobile application is best for you. The Things 3 app is a perfect task manager on the iPhone, and its tracking is even more straightforward. 

Things 3 places your task for the day in your primary screen, so you will be promptly reminded as you check your mobile phone. By tapping each task, you can gather more details and even have the liberty to move a job from one day to another. It also allows you to see how many tasks you have accomplished and continues to add up as you completed more to-dos.


While most apps are useful to us, we should always take that advantage. With rising technology, almost anything can be possible now. You can always download as many apps as you want, but only a few will offer you a useful and great experience.

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