Facebook Features That You Need To Know About

top facebook features

Facebook is a social media app that has 2.5 billion monthly active users. Different kinds of people use this app, and that includes ordinary individuals, celebrities, politicians, and even businesses. This app is proven to be useful to us, especially in the field of communication, marketing, and entertainment. And the best part is that you can download it for free on the app market and even access it on the web with zero cost. 

You might notice that every time you sign in into your Facebook profile or page, you always find new features that show or one that you have known to disappear. It would sometimes be mind bugging for business owners to keep up with the continuous changes with this fascinating social network platform. 

If you want to know more about Facebook and its excellent features, this article will give you information about them. And this is because there might be features that Facebook has to offer that you might be aware of, or you may not. So here’s a list of Facebook features that you might need to know about. 

Facebook Stories 

Facebook has embraced the story-feature form, which originates from Snapchat. It is what we call today the “Facebook Stories.” You can post videos and images from your smartphone’s camera roll or real-time scenarios. It allows users to enjoy and put fun and reactive filters. Users can also place texts, draw, or add stickers to those stories. 

Moreover, users can also tag their friends and include geolocation filters. There are a lot of GIFs and emojis available for the stories to be more interactive. Other sub-features also involve starting a poll or asking questions. You are also able to post texts, take a selfie, and post a boomerang. If you want to have additional ideas on how it works, check out more about Facebook stories

Royalty-Free Music 

It is a handy feature that Facebook added, and you no longer have to worry about videos or posts that you will upload to be banned from this app because of copyright infringement. Under your tools for publishing, you can now see the sound collection. Also, Facebook has many available tunes that you can download to add to your videos, and it’s all royalty-free. 


It’s is also one of the favorite features for most users; this feature is always what parents use when creating a scrapbook album for the photos of their children. The only one who can tag their kids is the parents to share those images in the scrapbook. Parents can also customize the photo's privacy and will receive a notification if some pictures are public. 

There are only just a few features that this app is continuously introducing to the social media community. Even if you like those features or not, it’s great to witness that Facebook is continually improving its functionality and service that it gives to us. We are lucky that we can access this app to promote businesses, and that best thing is that it’s free to use that we can also reach out to potential clients with word of mouth type of marketing. 


Now that you know some of the Facebook features, you might want to explore more about this fantastic app. Although, most of it’s features are to entertain us, there are also features that you can use as a tool and might be helpful with some of your tasks. Facebook is also a useful app when it comes to business and for an individual’s daily transactions.

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