5 Ways of Saving on Advertising Cost for Startups

ways startups save money marketing using modern advertising

Mastering the art of advertising is critical for the success of any start-up. But what does advertising mean, exactly? More importantly, how do you achieve effective advertising?

Most people immediately think of the Super Bowl commercials when asked about advertising. 

Highway billboards might even pop up, but the majority of effective advertising is much more micro than those examples.  

Modern advertising is always changing. But from newspaper and magazine ads to Facebook ads, advertisement content hasn't changed much. What has changed are advertising mediums.

So if you're a start-up trying to find what makes the best sense for your emerging company? Read on to find out five cost-effective ways to use modern advertising techniques.

Get Creative 

You're not alone if you fell victim to the blind idea that advertising in-home is the best advertising option for start-ups. While Facebook and Instagram ads reach markets that other techniques don't, the market is saturated, and your advertising techniques have to reach farther than the internet. 

Advertising as a start-up is about sticking out in a crowd. In many cases, the best modern advertisement strategy goes against the grain.

Using the Right Websites 

Say you launch an Arbitrary Facebook ad. It may reach 150 people in your target market out of 1,500 people who see the advertisement. Using a display ad on a website that reaches your target demographics directly increases that number exponentially.

Saving money using display ads isn't about being penny rich and pound foolish. In any advertisement campaign, the object should be to maximize the value of your dollar.

Video Content and Social Media 

Again, modern advertising isn't about how much money you spend; it's about marketing the right content through the right mediums. Running an Instagram ad can be highly effective if it has the correct aesthetics and proper messaging.

Consider factors such as video production, sound quality, and the overall quality of your content. It's better to have four pieces of high-quality, modern content than ten pieces of sub-par, outdated content. 

Print Advertisements

Good old fashioned print advertisements can still yield positive results when used effectively. Modern advertisement doesn't mean you thumb your nose at tried and true techniques. It just means you have to be more directed in your approach. 

Consider your budget while deciding which print advertisement is best. For example, Magazine and newspaper ads are more expensive than fliers. On the other hand, fliers take more time.

Traditional Advertisements

Modern advertisement doesn't necessarily mean the most effective ads are the trendiest. Many start-ups are returning to old methods. For example, there are a handful of New York start-ups who enjoyed tremendous success using subway station ads.

The Principles of Modern Advertising Don't Change

The world of advertisement is always changing, but its primary aim of connecting people remains. When it comes to modern advertising, it's essential to focus on sound advertising principles more than modern tropes.

Prime your startup for success with modern advertising methods and marketing mastery. Create quality content and launch precise, affordable ad campaigns. 

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