Quick Actionable SEO Tips For Search Engine Dominance

quick actionable SEO tips search engine dominance google

When it comes to proper SEO (search engine optimization) you want to have a company do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to, but you want your business to reach the top of search engines like Google. However, you can’t just use keywords anymore. So here are some quick and actionable SEO tips to help you simply get proper SEO done for your business. 

The Old Ways Don’t Work 

Many tactics that used to work even 10 years ago no longer apply when it comes to getting results and ranking high on Google. Years ago, it was simple to spam pages with keywords, use custom created content, hide links, hide keywords in the text and more. This is now called “black hat SEO” and can actually damage your business, but a long time ago it was the standards. 

If your website is still using these tactics, or you haven’t refreshed your website in a long time, there’s a good chance that you are probably still using some of these old black hat SEO tactics and don’t even know it. Even having the same keyword at the bottom of every page of your 20- page website can be considered keyword spam, so it is important to start with the newer methods in order to help your rank go up. Even old “color schemes” have been considered harmful to SEO tactics of today. 

What’s New? 

Google for example, as well as other famous search engines have since updated their algorithms so you no longer can use the old techniques of the yesteryears. And there are other tactics that can help increase traffic to your page even now, but they are still considered “black hat SEO”. With white hat SEO, there are a lot of technical reviews, tests, and more that can help your company. Even with the proper techniques, it can even take months for your website to grow and become the number one rank on Google and other engines. 

Some Quick SEO Tips for New Changes 

• Don’t use the number sign in your URL’s and web addresses. Google doesn’t support these anymore. 

 Unfortunately, Google Search is now prioritized to index sites which are more mobile friendly than desktop friendly. Use Google’s fetch and render tool to see how google mobile search works for your website. 

 Don’t use AJAX crawling on your website. If you have any, be sure to turn off the meta fragment for crawling search engines. 

 Don’t donate to charities for a backlink. This will get your website flagged because it violates Google’s policies. 

 You can even use emoji’s in search results. (like a restaurant or banana for fruit or grocery cart for a store). 

 The order of your optimization should be Content, Backlinks, and Video. If you don’t have a video page (or a YouTube channel), you may want to create one and link it to Google AdSense and Maps (NOTE: You can even monetize your videos over time with proper traffic). 

 Use Google Ads and AdSense to your advantage, especially if you’re a physical store. 

 Use Google Ads tools to find keywords. 

 Don’t forget to use long chain keywords since the mobile platform and Google Voice search are the new priority indexes. 

SEO Pro Conclusion 

Using the different Google API’s (anyone can do this, not just SEO experts) will help you ready your business. If you don’t have the time, that’s when an SEO expert or company comes in handy. This way you don’t have to do all the work yourself as mentioned above, and can focus on tasks that you need to pay attention with more priority for your business.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about quick and actionable SEO tips for search engine optimization on Google.

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