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We all know that the SEO world is truly dynamic. As Google keeps changing through out the year, so does SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters who wish to stay well ahead of the competition and obtain top rankings and a boost in traffic are always thinking of learning cutting-edge techniques for beating the competition. With the advent of the New Year, it is time to understand what we can expect from Search Engine Optimization. It is of prime importance for online marketers to precisely identify, implement, and adapt to the latest trends and developments in the SEO landscape. 

The Internet is the hub of all activities today. It is the ultimate destination for customers to look for various goods and services. Life is highly competitive where several businesses are vying for consumer attention and struggling to sustain and so they need to create brand awareness and establish a robust online presence to gain a competitive edge. Today, it is just not enough to have an official website or blog for promoting your business. You need to consistently maintain search relevancy by learning and adapting to the ever-dynamic SEO environment. Search Engine Optimization is imperative as an effective marketing strategy if you wish to establish a niche for your business. Your business could achieve phenomenal success provided you implement all the cutting-edge techniques, latest SEO trends, and SEO best practices. Let us explore some of the SEO trends that should rule the online scene in the age of modern marketing. 

Concentrate On User Intent Optimization 

In the marketing landscape, research still continues into the actual intent of the various web searchers while typing in certain specific keywords. SEO is certainly not about stuffing your web page content with popular keywords. It is about seamless integration of keywords so that your website is able to deliver to the searcher its promise. It is precisely for your own advantage, you would like to drive those consumers to your website, who intended to look for precisely those products and services that are offered by your site. 

We know that it is the objective of the search engine to provide the searcher with the most appropriate, helpful, and accurate result when somebody is searching for a specific phrase. As soon as the searcher is able to obtain the most practical result, it would be getting an idea regarding who they should actually consider doing business with. 

Intent optimization is certainly the need of the hour as the future of SEO is Voice Search. We know that voice search has been cleaning up speedily the user intent. Instead of typing in abridged versions of any particular search intent today, consumers have the liberty to state clearly what exactly they are searching in terms of information, services, and products. 

The most effective way of achieving crucial user intent optimization would be to assume that you are performing the search yourself. What exactly would you be searching for? What CTAs would be influencing you and motivating you to know more about a service or product? What would be the most relevant value with your website? Remember User Intent Optimization is going to play a pivotal role primarily because of the growing popularity of voice search. You may get in touch with a reliable SEO expert U.S.A. for perfect SEO solutions. 

Focus On Microformats Or Schema 

In the coding context, microformats are supposed to be small HTML patterns which signal important information and data about a specific website. The greater amount of information the search engine is able to obtain about the site, it could rank the site more accurately. Search engines are known to award you with definitely higher rankings if you are able to provide a trustworthy and honest description of precisely what your website entails. 

Moreover, microformats help in making your content more attractive to the consumer, thus, triggering more clicks. A boost in clicks imply enhanced ROI and improved SEO signals to Google and other search engines. Microformats usually incorporate tags and labels. They help in translating to the search engines precisely what your content seems to be all about. These labels are used in the form of rich snippets. These rich snippets would be allowing for more information much beyond just the title, URL, and description. 

Accept Voice Search Domination 

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile Internet, we are going further away from the conventional orthodox typing. The future is all about teaching computers to effectively understand our speech. The effective road to this amazing future lies via Voice Search SEO. 

It is believed that soon 50 percent of all online traffic will be originating from spoken queries. 

Video Optimization Is The Key 

Voice Search is certainly not the only SEO trend that is going to dominate the online world. Videos are not lagging behind. They are gaining traction by the minute and are regarded as an extremely popular information medium that certainly is a fantastic source of consumer traffic when they are used wisely. Your videos require to be of exceptional quality for gaining a higher ranking on YouTube but obviously, they need to be optimized by carefully choosing the right keywords. As per a prediction for 2020, videos would be acting as a magnet for around 75 percent of the entire online traffic. You need to stay on top of these popular SEO trends or be prepared to be ruined by the competition. 

Focus On Quality Content Development 

As per SEO Expert Brad, “Content is still king, But only thought-provoking content. Content as a strategy is already popular for marketers, and it will continue to be for the upcoming year. Producing quality, engaging content can inform people about what a website or business is about. It also signals to readers that the company cares about helping people, which is perfect for a brand’s image. It would be just the same as the previous years when it comes to web content’s robust influence in SERP rankings. The generation or creation of content is supposed to be a key business model in the Search Engine Optimization industry with numerous companies coming up as web content marketing solutions on and off. Some of these companies are big scams while many such content companies focus on hiring top quality videographers and content writers to deliver top-level content. Once the content writers focus on users’ search intent, they could generate the perfect content for the consumers. 

Artificial Intelligence 

AI technology is having huge potential. Businesses are increasingly trying to actively include AI in their work so that they could take its maximum advantage. Artificial Intelligence is expected to impact SEO in a big way. An effective way of how Google could seamlessly integrate AI into its ranking algorithm is by simply using it for identifying websites that practice black hat SEO


You need to stay abreast with the latest SEO trends and ensure a seamless user experience to all your users. Businesses could do well if they provide a smooth user experience including intuitive website design, speedy load-time, and no technical issues at all. Remember a website would be helping to create a much better business impression as compared to an advertisement. Do not allow this powerful asset tarnish or ruin your reputation as a business.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the major SEO trends dominating the scene for increased Google organic traffic.

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