Can You Launch A Business With No Investment?

It’s a funny question, somehow, and even though the answer is quite obviously “no” people continue to wonder whether they could start a business with no investment and make money out of it (except for The $10 Digital Media Startup, for the aforementioned minuscule amount). Let’s get things clear from the start: No, you can’t start a business without any investment whatsoever and try to make it work. Sorry to crush your illusion so blatantly. But there’s one thing you can do: You can make the most of what you have and look for the best possible opportunities to get your business going. 

Nothing Comes For Free 

There is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free business launch. Everything has a cost in the business world, even if you decide to start a freelancing career. Web domains, for a start, don’t come for free, but thankfully, buying a domain for your brand can be extremely affordable. While it’s a small investment, it remains nevertheless one. You can also have a look at the cheapest hosting and web design platforms on the market, namely Wordpress and Wix. Both offer free to low-cost templates that you can repurpose to build your website. You don’t even need to be a web designer for it. They’ve made it simple and intuitive enough for beginners to follow and still obtain professional-looking results. 

But You Can Work Smarter 

What costs you the most at the launch of a small business is the time you invest in it. In the business world, time is money, and when it’s your main resource, you want to be very frugal about how you use it best. That’s why more and more small companies make the most of automation systems to reproduce the 24/7 mentality of larger businesses. With a little bit of help from smart programming tools, you can automate most of your interactions with customers, from social media to marketing documentations. However, automation solutions, while saving you a lot of time, do come at a high cost for small businesses, especially if you have not bothered looking for effective business loans yet. 

The best way to get your business going fast is to research the cost of the most suitable solution – from the automation, to the customer service and tech support, to the cost of hosting and design if you want something bespoke – and to apply for a commercial loan. This will make sure that you can start without breaking the bank. 

Passive Or Active Income? 

You don’t need to have a business to generate income. Consequently, if your main objective behind the creation of a small, self-supporting business is to generate income, you can find ways to make it possible with minimum investment. If you want to sell your skills, you can join a freelancing platform such as Upwork to offer your talent as an SEO marketer, a copywriter or even a web designer at a fee. You will be investing time, but you will be rewarded for it with every single project. If you prefer the idea of passive income, you can create material that people will need to buy, such as creating an online course on Udemy or writing an online book for Amazon. This type of passive income doesn’t require more than the time you need to create it. Once it’s been created, it will take care of itself.

Build A Budget Business By Bootstrapping

To answer the question of a business with no investment: It’s nothing that you can do. You will always need to invest time and/or money in maintaining your business. But there are strategies to develop effective passive income generation that is self-sufficient.

I hope you enjoyed this article about determining if you can really launch a business without an investment.

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