7 Trends For Custom Home Builds This Year

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The housing market is picking up steam across the United States, which means that custom homebuyers are looking for more options. There is also an increasing number of homebuyers who have the means to buy a custom home, which is creating a thirst for more gadgets, bonus spaces, and more overall luxury. 

There are several trends that are marking their territory for the housing market. These 7 house design trends are what custom home build buyers desire. 

1. Upscale Laundry Room 

The laundry room is no longer just about washing, drying, and folding. Now, the laundry room is more about style. For today's custom home buyer, the laundry room needs to be as upgraded as the rest of the house. Built-ins and other organizational pieces are necessary to wow the customer. The laundry room is a place where the homeowner spends a lot of time, and those in the housing market are more conscious about all those places that were once hidden and blocked off. 

2. Entryway 

Those who are looking for a custom home want to make a grand entrance, literally. Grand entryways are all the rage and give a good first impression when you first walk in a home. Chandeliers, high-end molding and recessed ceilings are a necessity. Of course, a closet is a must to keep jackets and bags hidden from the eye of those who enter. You will also want the best underlay for laminate floor to make a great impression with homebuyers entering your house.

3. Walk-In Showers 

For custom home builders in Winnipeg looking to build the home of their dreams, a walk-in shower is on the needs list. Uniqueness and extravagant tile are also preferred with marble or glass walls and waterfall shower heads. It isn’t just about washing off anymore; the shower is a new place to find your inner peace and enjoy serenity in luxury. Two shower heads are preferred over one, and you’ll get bonus points if the shower comes with custom settings. 

4. Curb Appeal 

Different textures, materials and curbside appeal are a must for custom home buyers. Making an excellent impression doesn’t start at the door anymore; first impressions start from the street. Keeping up with the Joneses now means you have to have stone, hardwood or traditional wood siding and enough rich color and unique material mix to catch the eye of those who are driving by. 

5. Open Floor Plan 

In today's housing market for custom homes, the open floor plan is something that homebuyers across the board want. No more small rooms and cuddly spaces. The new, top home floor plan is open, inviting and big enough to entertain a crowd. A dining room is still desired, but only if it’s not closed off from the rest of the house. Then in addition to the open floor plan, you can add a custom game room to your basement, attic, or spare room. 

6. Pantry Expansion 

Those looking to invest in a custom-built home want a pantry to die for. The pantry should be able to hold enough to feed the neighborhood, if they happen to stop by, and the pantry is no longer about hiding things, but showcasing them. The pantry is supposed to be decorated to the nines, just like the rest of the house. Organizational amenities include pantry built-ins and places for everything to rest decoratively. 

7. Built-In Bars 

Fewer people are heading out to spend their money on a night on the town. Those who want to live in a house want to play there too, which means that they are looking for extra entertainment spots. Built-in bars need to be better than the standard man cave type and also include a wet bar that is off to the side, but big enough to serve the crowd at a moment’s notice.

Custom Home Building Done Right

Custom home building is on the increase as is the desire for homebuyers to upgrade all those places that use to be just for function. A sophisticated look and attention to detail are what the custom home buyers crave. Leaving no stone unturned while on the hunt for design features, the crowd will agree that the entry has to be grand, the pantry has to have enough room to store food to feed a crowd, and built-in bars should let the party begin at any moment. All about the openness and gathering space, families agree that the custom home should be their happy place.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the biggest trends for custom home builds in the new real estate market.

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