Tips For Making Your Home More Valuable

tips for making home more valuable increase seller appeal house buyers

According to the old saying, property is all about “location, location, location”, but this is arguably not strictly true. While location is, of course, a hugely important factor in any property-buying decision, what people are really buying, much of the time, is a lifestyle, of which the location is an integral part, for example, by shortening their commute, ensuring that their children go to good schools and/or giving them lots of fun amenities nearby. 

The main trick to achieving maximum value from your home is presenting it in such a way that potential buyers can really see themselves living their dream lifestyle in it. With this in mind, Indlu estate agents in Denton share these three valuable tips. 

Swap Personality For Profiling 

Decluttering is a major step in the home-selling process (and can also be very helpful from the point of view of preparing for your move), but it will only take you so far. The next step is to replace your personal items with items which suggest a certain lifestyle, specifically the one which you feel will have the most appeal to your potential buyers. 

So, for example, if you are selling a family home, it is usually a good idea to remove your family snapshots of your children playing, although there might be a case for leaving professionally-taken ones, but you can put up artwork which depicts children playing to send out a gentle signal that this is a place where children will be happy. 

Get Your Paperwork In Order 

The law requires you to organise an Energy Performance Certificate when you put your home on the market and while this is an important document, it’s only a very small part of what buyers will want to know about your house. 

Basically, most buyers are looking for as painless a move as possible and hence want to be reassured that there will be no nasty surprises lurking in wait for them after completion. You can give them this reassurance by putting a folder containing any and all relevant paperwork, which basically means any paperwork which relates to anything which will be staying in the house after you leave, whether that is windows and doors or appliances. You might also want to go a step further than this and organise planning permission for any obvious updates to your home. 

Organise A Professional Cleaning Service

Once you have taken care of any outstanding maintenance tasks and given your d├ęcor a refresh, you will need to get your home absolutely, sparkling clean and in this situation, there is a strong argument for bringing in a professional company, which will have a wide range of products and tools to deep cleanse your home in the most effective way possible. 

As an absolute minimum, you will want to have carpets professionally cleaned. That way you could find yourself amazed not only by the amount of dirt a professional cleaning service can get out of the average family carpet. 

Even a rug which is vacuumed regularly and looks totally clean on the surface, but also by the extent to which it can perk up the carpet.

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