9 Surefire Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Office Cleaning Business

surefire marketing strategies grow office cleaning business

Most people want their home and workplace clean, but not many want to do the work themselves. That gives an excellent opportunity for prospective business owners who want to start their cleaning business. 

As of 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 2.3 million jobs are in the cleaning industry. Between 2016 and 2026, this is expected to grow to up to 10 percent. 

These numbers present an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to jumpstart their business in this category. 

In this post, we'll discuss the nine surefire marketing strategies that will grow your office cleaning business. 

1. Define Your Business Goals 

Every business starts with a goal. But as the months and years pass, it's easy to be stuck in the same routine. As a result, some lose sight of their dreams and goals. 

So, if you want to make your cleaning business thrive, take a step back and picture what your dream business looks like. You might dream to make your customers happy, to achieve an impeccable cleaning service, or to provide the best customer support. 

But the question is, how do you make these goals a reality? Well, it starts by defining what your ideal customer looks like. 

2. Always Consider Your Customers 

A lot of businesses often get caught with the day-to-day tasks of running their company. But sometimes, they fail to realize how marketing can also do wonders. 

So, what you need is to have a marketing action plan that will lay all the groundwork for success. 

For this to become possible, you have to know your company's buying cycle. More often than not, you have prospects and clients at every stage of the cycle. 

From the initial awareness stage to the referral stage, where they're happy to refer you with their network of friends, family, and acquaintances. 

According to Maid Sailors, a Commercial Cleaning New York company, “Have a plan that focuses on your clients during every stage of the buying cycle. The tools that you utilize might be the same, but your messaging and calls-to-action change during every stage of the buyer's journey.” 

You might want to use a direct marketing campaign that encourages users to check out your site and know more about what you have to offer. Similarly, you can also offer a coupon or exclusive deals so that they will avail of your services. 

3. Demonstrate Expertise Through Content Creation 

A lot of magazines, local newspapers, and authoritative site in your niche are highlighting success and inspirational stories. 

So if you're a strong writer, or if you have one your team, then why not pitch these ideas to some of the media? 

Showing off your expertise and knowledge in your industry presents an excellent opportunity to network with others. 

Some people don't have a clue about what to do when hiring a cleaning service. They usually want to know what are the available options out there, if they can afford it, and if it's effective. 

If you have an active blog on your site, you'd also come to realize that a lot of the topics that you're writing about are an excellent form of marketing. It broadens your reach and generates business leads in the long run. 

4. Implement Automated Email Campaigns 

Email marketing isn't a new concept. Many businesses have been using it for years. You might be doing it already, but maybe you're not fully optimizing it for your campaigns. 

Set up automated email campaigns. You'll be surprised that it's a lot easier than you think. 

It's also an efficient way to convert leads into customers or to engage your previous customers into repeat business. 

5. Be Active On Social Media 

There are several groups on social media, whatever niche or business you're in. All you need is to find them! 

Network with these groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. 

If you're looking for a great way to start with local networking events, Eventbrite and MeetUp are popular sites. 

6. Use Local SEO To Boost Your Leads 

Because Google is designed to support smaller businesses and their locations, local SEO nowadays have become indispensable. 

Maximize your reach by integrating more location-specific words and phrases in your current marketing strategy. Also ensure that your online profiles on sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google Business, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack are updated. 

Include extensive information such as your contact details, business location, keywords, and services. 

7. Build Your Brand Offline 

While the internet can be fantastic in making your business grow, you should also put in the effort of building your brand offline. 

Post flyers in strategic locations where your ideal customer would likely see it. Place them in bulletin boards in large shopping malls, coffee shops, and office buildings if you can. 

Also, local events like fairs and festivals are also an excellent way to market your business to the people in your community. 

8. Partner With Other Business Owners 

People working in the real estate industry have a variety of contacts. Also, landlords and building managers could also recommend your business open tenant turnover. 

Offer people promotion or a free coupon for a cleaning service. By partnering with other businesses, where both of you could benefit in the long run. 

9. Have An Incentive System 

As for any business, maintaining a solid referral system is crucial. If you want to encourage more referrals from people, a great way to do this is to have an incentive system in place. 

Show your previous customers an extra amount of gratitude by offering them discounts and exclusive deals for every referral that they make. 

This gives them an excellent reason to recommend your business in their network. 

Market Your Office Cleaning Business Like A Mastermind

So there you have it! Hopefully, you can apply these tips in your cleaning business. To be a successful entrepreneur in your field, you must know how to market smart. 

Also, always strive for growth, because it's crucial if you want your cleaning business to thrive and outlast your competitors.

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